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What Your Film Lab Wishes You Knew — Common Struggles in Film Photography

After thousands of phone calls and emails helping film photographers just like you, we have a unique perspective on the common struggles many face when it comes to film. Let’s explore some of the top challenges we see, along with simple solutions for each, so you can grow in confidence, explore new skills and come into your own in your art + business! Let's dive in:⁠ Tara Bielecki | Fujifilm PRO400H | Canon EOS ELAN 7E | 35mm film | With @wetietheknots @clairepettibone @barerootflora @lizweg @coloradoweddinghair @asos_us @denverbotanic @donnabaldwinagency @jordan_isaiah18. Exposure isn’t everything. We see many photographers latching onto this concept—that exposure is the only reason their images aren’t where they need them to be. But in reality, there are...

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5 Tips for Creating Tack-Sharp Images

As a photographer, you know your clients want to look good! Step one to looking good? Be in focus!⁠ Shoot above f/2. Yes, apertures above f/2 do exist—and they photograph on film beautifully! The smaller your aperture number, the smaller your depth of field. While shooting at f/2 or f/2.8, your subject’s nose can be tack sharp, but their eyes may fall out of focus. To get a larger depth of field (and see both eyes *and* nose) try stopping down to f/4 or f/5.6. We promise you will still see beautiful bokeh! ⭐ Pro Tip: Shooting a large group? Consider stopping down to f/8 for even more depth of field!  Jen Dillender Use a Tripod or Monopod We know...

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Own Your Superpower

@mylynwoodphoto wrote an amazing post we believe *every* photographer needs to hear—and she’s here to spill the tea on owning your superpower (hint: it’s already within you!).

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