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We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Traveling with Film

PhotoVision Team

traveling with film.jpg

#filmtipfriday Do you know the best practices for traveling with film? Keep those rolls safe and base fog-free by following these tips:

✈ Avoid placing your film in a checked bag at all costs! The radiation of X-ray machines used to screen checked luggage is quite strong and will likely damage any film that passes through. What will this damage look like? Much like heat fog or base fog. (Read: cloudy, low contrast, extra grainy mush. Yum.) Occasionally, the damage also appears as a wave or line repeating through the roll. Fun times!

✈ Instead, store your film in a zip-close bag and take it with you on board. Bonus: your precious rolls never leave your side. While checked luggage can disappear or take a lovely detour, your carry-on (and film) stays with you.

✈ When you reach security, request your film to be hand-checked in lieu of sending it through a potentially damaging X-ray machine (though less so than for checked luggage). Request denied? Not to worry, 800 ISO and lower can travel safely through multiple security checkpoint machines without noticeable damage. But keep in mind, radiation is cumulative, so play it safe and request your film to be hand-checked whenever possible.

What are your tips for traveling with film? Does anyone still use those lead envelopes? Have you had any trouble using them through security?

We love the story behind @holladazzle27’s shot:

“When traveling, I love experiencing both hectic activity and calm contentment. This day I was late to the airport and had to dash to the gate in a tizzy. However, once I sat down in my beloved window seat, I felt a calm wash over me. At that moment, I looked over the aisle and saw this shot waiting for me. I am not the best at indoor photography, but that is the whole point—take a shot for the shot. It paid off, this is my favorite frame from that roll.

“My favorite aspect of travel is the intersection of busy and calm. While traveling, you experience the vast difference between hectic travel and calm adventure. While looking at these seats, you see a quite space—however, most of us know that in a few moments they will be filled with noise, luggage, people and movement. Experiencing these opposites is why I am drawn to travel, and I believe others are as well. Being able to capture that in an image is pure delight.

“Be good to yourself, your camera and the process. Support others and embrace the failures while always remaining open-minded to shots you had not planned on taking.”

— Holland Lind

📷 by @ on #ilfordhp5 with a #minoltax700 on the runway at @mspairport.