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3775 Market Stree NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


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Heather Hawkins + PV Takeover + Day 3

Stephen Wood

@heatherhawkins Takeover Day 3: Shooting film pushes me to be a better photographer, forcing me to be present in the moment and take the time to compose something meaningful. The intentionality behind each frame is one of my favorite parts of shooting film.

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@heatherhawkins Takeover Day 3: This is one of my favorite images, styled and directed by @ginnyau, someone I am often inspired by. To incorporate movement here, we held a fan off to the right of the model—simple things like that can help humanize an image and add a layer of emotion. I love capturing the femininity of a bride by focusing on her hands, lips, shoulders, etc. Thank you so much for following along these past three days, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my work and hearing my perspective! I’m signing off here, but would love for you to follow me over at @heatherhawkins! Please feel free to ask me any questions, I would love to hear from you! 

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Heather Hawkins + PV Takeover + Day 1

Stephen Wood

Hello! @heatherhawkins here. I’m honored to be taking over @photovisionprints for the next couple of days! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite images and what went into making each frame. It is awesome to watch the resurgence of film these past few years and to see all the wonderful talent that PhotoVision attracts. Like many of you, I have found the customer service at PhotoVision to be incomparable, and have been working with them ever since. Because of the technical nature of photography as an art form, it is so important to have an open flow of communication with your lab. With PhotoVision, I have never felt so valued as a customer. Establishing a personal connection was instantaneous, and I couldn’t be happier with our relationship and the work they deliver for me time and time again. If you are an introverted photographer, like myself (this is why I stay behind the camera), trust me when I say you can feel comfortable calling PhotoVision to ask the team anything. They are excellent at pinpointing issues and helping you find solutions. Communicate with your lab, it can only help you achieve your Vision. 

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@heatherhawkins Takeover Day 1: Film provides a nostalgic, yet timeless feel, and I love creating within that tension. This was a test shoot where I pushed expired Portra 160 to capture the mood I desired, and it worked so well. I realize it’s not groundbreaking to photograph a model in cloudy window light, but it was a fun opportunity for me to grow and try something new. I came away from this shoot with a fresh perspective. If you can, make time to shoot something for yourself to stay inspired.

#pvtakeover #heathersvision #contax645 #zeiss80mm #portra160 #photovisionprints #sp3000 @tracymeltonartistry @shopgossamer @oncewed @hochzeitsguide @taylorgreene @kodak_photo @kodakprofilm




Michelle Boyd + PV Takeover + Day 4

Stephen Wood

“A while back, I had a staunch ‘No Indoor Weddings’ policy . . . boy, was I missing out! One of my most beloved planners reached out for a hotel wedding last year, and she convinced me to first see the space and meet the couple. I was in awe, and frankly, feeling a little stupid for being so afraid of indoor spaces! This place wasn't just a hotel, either—it was an old brewery recently remodeled into the most amazing boutique hotel in all of Texas! What’s more, the bride and groom's family-owned steel company played a huge part in building the hotel, and our suave groom handcrafted many of the decor pieces, too. The history within the walls was breathtaking, and created the most magical environment for both their engagement (pictured here) and wedding. Letting go of my old ‘policy’ has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, and I just have to encourage you to let go of any stigmas or fears you have when booking clients—it will grow and change you as an artist for sure!” @michelleboyd

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“It's no secret that we live in the digital age, and what that means for us film photographers is we have to graciously educate our clients along the way. Whether they ask about film during your first client meeting, or don't notice or care until you're sealing up that first roll, I believe the most important factor in educating your clients is confidence! We can weigh the pros and cons of film vs. digital ‘til the cows come home, but at the end of the day, your confidence in your own work and abilities is what allows your clients to trust you! Speak boldly and surely about your art and your process, and then move on to listening to your clients’ story. Be invested in who they are, and then offer a bit of yourself back—it will instantly make your clients feel comfortable with you, no matter what kind of camera you use!” @michelleboyd

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“I don't think I can adequately convey how incredible it is to work with PhotoVision in one Instagram post! From the first job I sent in, the team at PV has been pivotal in my growth as a photographer. When I have a question about my scans, they don't hesitate to look it up and walk me through an issue. When I have random technical questions, they've got answers (specifically @_stephenwood—I've asked him to write a book for us all to no avail!). When I have dreams, they encourage me beyond belief. When I first starting shipping off my precious film to the lab, I was anxious to the point of losing sleep. After working closely with the incredible team at PhotoVision for years now, I rest easy knowing I have the BEST people at my back. It's genuinely a priceless experience to work with such caring people!” @michelleboyd

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Michelle Boyd + PV Takeover + Day 3

Stephen Wood

“As artists, it's common for us to look to our work for our personal identity and self worth. As a pretty sensitive and emotional person myself, it's taken me years to realize that I actually produce my best work when I can step back and logically evaluate my art as its own entity, instead of evaluating my worth as a human being based on my photographs. It has been so FREEING to run a business I'm proud of, to produce work that both my clients and I love and to know, at the end of the day, the things that matter most to me are constant and unwavering—my faith, family and community.” @michelleboyd

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“One of the things I love most about this image, is that I almost didn't take it at all! I know a lot of us are perfectionists, and I usually fight to the death for perfect light. The sun was still pretty high, the mountains in the background were incredibly bright and there was soft, splotchy light hitting my clients. I'd been moving them around a bit in the area fighting the light, but the scenery was just too good and I knew the brush would translate really well. What I DIDN'T expect was to get this photograph back from PhotoVision and have my breath taken away! The soft, direct light on my clients made them pop, and this became one of my favorite frames from their session!” @michelleboyd

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Michelle Boyd + PV Takeover + Day 2 (cont'd)

Stephen Wood

“A few years ago, I switched to film primarily because I knew all my favorite influential photographers shot film. I knew it came with a heavy price tag, but I thought I'd just shoot a *few* rolls at each wedding . . . which quickly became *every* roll. I fell head-over-heels in LOVE with Fuji skin tones and that delicious bokeh of medium format cameras, and the whole minimal editing factor changed my life. The key factor that hooked me, though, was the process—every photograph became tangible. I slowed down and learned to breathe, and bit by bit my composition, focus and direction improved exponentially. I realized very quickly that film had been the missing element for my work, and I’ve never looked back! (I still shoot about 15% digital during receptions, though, and apparently I audibly sigh every time I pick up my digital camera☺.)” @michelleboyd

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“Once in my life, I would love to photograph an entire wedding on black and white film. I have so enjoyed experimenting with different stocks and lighting situations, and my current long-standing favorite is Ilford Delta 3200. It has deliciously timeless grain. I usually rate it at 1600, or at 3200, and push it one stop. The high ISO is fabulous for using a faster shutter speed and stopping movement, so I generally shoot a few rolls of it during receptions and ALWAYS for sparkler exits!” @michelleboyd

#michellesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #zeiss80mm #ilford3200 #photovisionprints #sp3000 #ilfordfilm @cara_overhoff @ilfordimaging

Michelle Boyd + PV Takeover + Day 2

Stephen Wood

“I believe one of the best things we can do for our clients is help them feel peaceful throughout their entire wedding—specifically by providing a generous photography timeline. Start chatting with your clients and planners months before the big day, and help them choose the best ceremony start time to fit their needs. When my clients are relaxed and peaceful, their photographs are more beautiful and their memories more enjoyable!

Here’s an example of what a typical timeline looks like for me!

2:00* I arrive and photograph personal details + everyone getting ready

3:00 Bride gets in her dress

3:30 Bride + bridesmaids

4:00 Groom + groomsmen

4:30 Everyone hides away, I photograph ceremony + reception spaces

5:30 Ceremony

6:00 Family portraits

6:15 Wedding party portraits

6:30 Bride + Groom!

7:00 Reception entrance

7:30 (sunset)

*Many of us know we could spend hours styling one invitation suite, so it’s very common for me to photograph some personal details the day before or even arrive earlier than my contracted time—whatever it takes to provide a full collection for my clients!” @michelleboyd

#michellesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #zeiss80mm #fuji400 #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @cara_overhoff @goodallsaustintexas @fujifilm_northamerica

Michelle Boyd + PV Takeover + Day 1

Stephen Wood

We’re so pumped to have @michelleboyd take over our feed for the next four days! Michelle is an Austin-based, internationally-acclaimed wedding photographer, whose tender heart beats for weddings steeped in elegance and authenticity. Welcome, Michelle! . . . “Hey y'all! I am so thrilled to be taking over PhotoVision's Instagram feed for the next few days! It's such an honor and I can't wait to share some of my favorite photographs, experiences and words of wisdom with y’all. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of community and sharing our strengths and weaknesses, and I hope that maybe just one of my little posts will either inspire or help someone out there in this big wide world of film photography!”

#michellesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #zeiss80mm #fuji400 #davancychateau #plymouth #california #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @katewhelanevent @flourishflowers @froufrouchic @annacampbellbridal @xmheller @fujifilm_northamerica

“My sweet mom is currently having ALL of our old family photographs developed and digitized. We're talking upwards of 12,000 photographs from the past 35-40 years, all of which were taken on old film cameras by my dad (who taught me much of what I know). As I helped her organize some of the boxes, it was impossible to work quickly—my parents lived in that non-digitized, glorious time when every photograph was lovingly snapped and preciously archived. The memories my parents captured on film became my memories as I flipped through their albums countless times, and that's one of my biggest desires for my clients— as their children and grandchildren flip through their wedding albums, I want those memories to come alive for them, just as though they had sat in the aisle and listened to their ‘I do's.’” @michelleboyd

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