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We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


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Brushfire Photography + PV Takeover + Day 3

Stephen Wood

We love sharing the beauty of film with others. We are excited to be part of the Belle Lumière PNW Workshop this June, in collaboration with PhotoVision, to help photographers learn the basics of film photography and help them achieve their vision with film. When we think of film, we remember our early days, when we had a simple 35mm SLR that only had manual settings and a simple, built-in light meter. Those simple things taught us so much. As we started to photograph weddings, we transitioned into digital because “that’s what everybody did.” We bought all the lenses, all the gear, and then we realized something profound—we missed the way we used to shoot. We missed the days when we each had just one film camera and one lens and could be totally present in the moment. And that is why we returned to film. Shooting film, for us, is a way to keep things simple, a way to be free to capture the moments as they happen. When you’re juggling a bunch of camera gear, digital or otherwise, you’re missing moments. It’s liberating and freeing to create when you have very simple tools to use. Today, Brit and I still generally attend a wedding carrying just one camera body and one lens each.

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Life is all about the small moments, the fine details that make up the overall masterpiece. Film has taught us to live more in the moment, to look for these little details in life. But for some, when it comes to film, there is only fear—simply because you can’t see what you’ve just shot on the back of your camera. Starting with film is all about overcoming this fear. There really isn’t anything to be afraid of. Everybody, it’s in your head. It’s just because you have that digital crutch. You just need to let it go. It’s going to be fine :). When you are able to overcome your fear and be confident in your camera’s settings, you can pay more attention to what’s happening around you. This PV Takeover has really got me (Mike) thinking about when we first got into photography. My first SLR was a Pentax Spotmatic. It came with a few different lenses, but my favorite was the macro. Brit and I would go out on little hikes around our home in Flagstaff, which sits in the high desert of Arizona, and I remember there was this field full of wildflowers. I would just go there and take my macro lens along. And it was there that I began to notice something—I was becoming more aware of the little things all around me. And it just changed my life. It made me realize that there are so many things around us we don’t even notice. It really changed the way I look at everything. Now, when I’m out hiking anywhere, I like to look at a bloom and really study the little details that it has about it, and every little piece of it is beautiful, because it’s Nature creating its colors. We need to stop and let these little details all around make us happy. We live in a world that is so distracting. Sometimes, we can miss the happiness that is all around us, simply because we’re too busy rushing, whether to get to work or to live on our phones or our computers—we get so busy we forget to stop and look at these little pieces of life that are so important. Film helped me do that.

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Brushfire Photography + PV Takeover + Day 2, cont'd

Stephen Wood

We love a detailed scene as much as anybody, but what we are always drawn back to is simplicity in nature. Nature is just so beautiful. Oftentimes, we look past it so easily, or clutter it up with our own “stuff,” whether possessions or technology. But being able to slow down, simplify and really see the beauty and peace nature offers—that’s very powerful to us. We captured this image near Tucson. Expecting the usual Sunny Arizona forecast, we were met with (yet again) a desert thunderstorm. As the sun set, I (Mike) wanted to capture just a hint of the soft remaining light, complemented with the natural element of candlelight, to lend just a bit of warmth to her face. A candle’s warm glow, especially just after sunset, just gets us every time. Everything that’s natural is, for Brit and me, incredible. Nature has a way of producing the most beautiful elements, and film is the perfect medium for capturing them.

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Brushfire Photography + PV Takeover + Day 2

Stephen Wood

While visiting Italy, we really wanted to take a local couple out on location for a shoot. We were able to connect with an Italian model who convinced her boyfriend to come along. Little did we know, we were in for the full Italian experience—they brought along their entire families! We had a great time with everyone. Not only were they the coolest couple, but we were able (with their family’s help!) to find a beautiful location off the beaten path in Polignano a Mare, a beautiful cliffside city overlooking the Adriatic Sea. But it wasn’t until after the shoot wrapped up that the couple told us something surprising—they were actually engaged! The two were just beaming with happiness and we had just (unknowingly) shot their engagement session! It makes us so happy to see couples who are just absolutely in love. This is what draws us to weddings—the unbridled happiness of those who are just beginning their new lives together. Real emotion is incredibly beautiful. And capturing real emotion in a setting that carries meaning for a couple, is sublime. We feel very honored to be able to capture these special moments.

Here are some of our favorite tips for drawing real emotion from our clients:

It’s all about getting your couple comfortable, to get them to a place where they’re ignoring you and interacting naturally. One way we like to do this (we learned this trick from Jose Villa, actually) is to ask our couple to hold hands, jump and kiss. Now, 99% of our couples cannot successfully jump and kiss mid-air. But this isn’t actually the point. This jump/kiss action really just takes their minds off us (their photographers, who are aiming lenses at them) and focused on a goal instead. Usually what happens, is the couple will bump faces in air, land, turn their heads and laugh. And right then, we’ve caught them in natural joy.

Another method we like to use, is to intentionally create awkwardness. Yes, you read that right. Oftentimes, we’ll simply announce to our couples, “And now, we are going to use our tactic called, ‘Awkwardness.’” More often than not, simply announcing this silliness gets them laughing and relaxed.

Location can also go a long way in helping your clients feel relaxed. While we love going to jaw-dropping locations with our clients and sharing the views and experiences with them, we always encourage our clients to first choose a location that holds meaning for them. A familiar setting naturally helps your clients feel more relaxed and display real emotion. Remember—making sure your clients feel happy during a shoot is more important than having a stunning backdrop. Images “lacking” gorgeous scenery can still turn out just as beautiful, because of your clients’ stunning, natural emotions. The personal is beautiful.

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Brushfire Photography + PV Takeover + Day 1

Stephen Wood

Hello, we are Mike & Brit, the faces of @brushfire_photo! We are so excited to host a PV Takeover, as film has been a big part of our lives. Film has changed our life path so many times in so many wonderful ways. Our first experience with film was actually on our first anniversary. We were rowing down Arizona’s Chevlon Canyon, near Mike’s childhood home, clutching our first SLR, a 35mm Ricoh, gifted to us by Brit’s dad. The canyon’s scenery was stunning, it was a setting we had always wanted to photograph. What we didn’t expect, was to find ourselves under pitch-black skies, caught between 200-foot cliffs, with nothing to light our way but lightning flashing against the canyon walls. It was terrifying. We both thought we were going to die! If this flash flood filled up the canyon, we’d be smashed against the rocks! Thankfully, we were able to row to safety. Even better, we had a few rolls of film under our belt.  At the time, we were sending our negatives to a mass-market retailer for scans—even so, these first 4x6 proofs were amazing to us. We had documented a location dear to us along with our own (terrifyingly) beautiful memories—of being young and in love and in awe, of both nature and film. This theme has continued throughout our film journey. For instance, this Italian landscape was captured during our first trip to Southern Italy in 2014. We had traveled there for a wedding and were staying in a rural town, surrounded by farmland. Though halfway around the world, it reminded me (Mike) of my childhood home, growing up on a cattle ranch in Arizona. This peaceful setting was quite the foil to our first trip down Chevlon Canyon, yet it wasn’t really all that different—our vision always comes through best in beautiful, natural settings. Whether caught in a desert canyon, or relaxing in the Italian countryside, the simplicity of nature and film never cease to inspire us.

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Photography is the act of capturing light. We just love the way film captures light, especially in the desert, where a beautiful, warm sunset provides the perfect glow for a simple portrait. Sunset light is our favorite light. Though many say the light of California or the Southwest is best, this warm, natural sunset light can be found everywhere. One reason we love film so much is for its ability to retain the rich colors of a sunset’s glow, to preserve its highlights and hold its colors in, without washing them out. We found the location for this collaborative shoot in the high desert north of Phoenix, out in the middle of nowhere. Sunset Point was a place we had passed many times before on our way home to Flagstaff, but had never stopped at. We didn’t know what we were missing. The day of the shoot, the cacti were blooming and the glow coming from the sun was just perfect. This just goes to show, your favorite new place to shoot could be closer than you think. Be aware of your surroundings and take time to explore. You might discover a treasure.

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