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Salem, Oregon 97301

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


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Loft Photography + PV Takeover + Day1

PhotoVision Team

@loftphotography Takeover Day 1: Film saved our business. We were rounding the corner of our 100th wedding and were quite honestly burnt out when the postman delivered our first Contax645 to our doorstep, and it changed everything. We YouTube’d how to load a roll of medium format film, read through @josevilla’s + #jeffkent’s “Fine Art Wedding Photography” and embarked on a journey that took 2 tired wedding photographers from a place of feeling unchallenged in our craft to being re-inspired with a fresh vision.

We are Abbey & Andrea—friends and photographers turned business partners. In 2012, we quit our day jobs to follow our love for photography and our dream of working for ourselves. We've grown from humble beginnings to a full-time photography studio nestled in the Texas hill country near Austin. A few things we love . . . traveling (take us to the beach!), chips and guac, ALL the coffee ☕ (because, 3 kids under 3 between the 2 of us), a good leather bag (or 15) and lazy days spent on the river or poolside with a good book!

Over the next two days, we'll be sharing about the impact film has had on our business and craft as wedding photographers. We hope you find these words encouraging and leave feeling inspired.

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@loftphotography Takeover Day 1: A stormy afternoon in the #hillcountry forced us inside for the majority of this bridal session. Thanks to the white bridal suite at @heritagehouseds and the versatility of #fujifilm, what started out as a hectic and unpredictable session turned into one of our favorite bridal sessions to date. When exposed properly, film is very forgiving on shadows, which helped make this indoor space feel bright and airy, despite the looming thunder clouds outside. 🌩

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@loftphotography Takeover Day 1: When we first started shooting film, we struggled with whether or not we needed to ditch digital completely in order to call ourselves "film photographers." In some ways, it felt like calling ourselves “hybrid photographers” just wasn’t us. Thank goodness for some very wise advice we received, to consider both film *and* digital cameras as tools in our tool bag, each with unique strengths. 📸💪 One isn't better than the other, they are just different. Having both options available has allowed us to better serve our clients and has given us versatility and confidence in any shooting environment.

In this instance, photographing a wedding party of this size was a bit tricky. This was the only feasible location and the lighting was really harsh. Had the sun not ducked behind some clouds, we would have lost lots of detail and been fighting with extreme contrast. Film and open shade for the win!

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Maria Lamb + PV Takeover + Day 3

Stephen Wood

@maria.lamb Takeover Day 3: When I started photographing weddings, I told myself that I would somehow (whether it be through workshops, online courses or learning from a friend or role model) educate myself at least once a year. This not only keeps you learning new things, but also keeps you inspired. This is something I will continue to do because there is always room for growth and there will always be new things to learn. I had the privilege of learning from @josevilla (one of the best in our industry) at the #mexicoworkshop2014 and my business and mindset truly changed after that experience. At the time, I was still very scared of film. But at the workshop, all the film was paid for and the lab fees were heavily discounted, so I thought, now is the time! Just go for it and shoot as much as I want! At the end of the first day, all the other attendees had shot 10-15 rolls each and I had shot, like, 4. I realized I just needed to dive in. The next day, I shot my heart out. It was really freeing for me, and from that day forward it made  me more confident with shooting film.

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@maria.lamb Takeover Day 3: In this oversaturated market, comparing yourself to others can be discouraging—especially when we as photographers need to be so plugged into social media for our businesses. To be honest, this is still a daily struggle for me. It can be discouraging scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and seeing so much amazing content. I’ll try to catch myself if I’m feeling discouraged and take a break. It’s a balance. You want to support other photographers and be happy for them, but you also need to keep tabs on yourself. I try to pull inspiration from other avenues. One way I do this is when I’m making an inspiration board on Pinterest. I’ll try not to pull another photographer’s actual shots, but pull other types of art—paintings, photos of textures, architecture and what not. Also, if I’m in the middle of a shoot and think to try something, something that may feel a little different, instead of throwing that thought aside, I push myself to try it anyway. Sometimes it doesn't work out. But when it does, I typically end up liking my photos better because they are ME and I created them on my own. Be true to yourself, there is only one YOU. No one else can be better at being you. Do your best and try your hardest not to compare yourself to others, then watch yourself flourish.

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@maria.lamb Takeover Day 3: Thank you for letting me share a few photos and thoughts with you over the past 3 days. We are all on our own journey, and that's what makes each of us unique. Take hold of the experiences you have—they will only help you to become a stronger, more confident photographer. Thank you so much for following along this week. I hope I was encouraging and inspiring as I continue to be encouraged and inspired by you all. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot them over to me at I would love to chat with you! Thank you.

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Taylor Lord + PV Takeover + Day 1

Stephen Wood

Hello PV fans! @taylorlord here. I am SO excited and honored to be doing a #pvtakeover over the next few days! I can’t express how much working with @photovisionprints has impacted my shooting, business and more for the better. I’m winding down what has been a busy 5 years shooting weddings to spend more time with family, so it has been super fun to search through all these images and see what I might be able to share with you all here! First up is the very first shoot I ever sent in to PhotoVision—a senior session from fall 2013! I really love to mix things up compositionally at shoots, even when it sometimes makes my clients feel awkward! It doesn’t ALWAYS work out the way I envisioned it, but I really love how this particular shot turned out—especially how the overall subject of the image is her hair, rather than something more traditional!

#taylorsvision #contax645 #fuji400h #austin #texas #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica

@taylorlord Takeover Day 1: I got some really good advice from @_shiramisu at the amazing @josevilla workshop in 2012, which was that you don't have to shoot ALL the bridesmaids in every single photo. It’s nice to break them up a bit. At this wedding, there were about a dozen bridesmaids. After I shot the full group with the bride, I broke them up into sections, to showcase their relationship to the bride, such as high school friends, college friends, etc. Sometimes as photographers, we feel that there are unwritten “rules” we have to follow, whether feeling like you can only shoot ALL the bridesmaids together, or that you have to blog ALL the big events from a wedding day. But some of my favorite shots and blog posts have been when I have broken these “rules.” I want to know—what “rules” are you thankful you’ve broken?

#taylorsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #austin #texas #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica

@taylorlord Takeover Day 1: Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a great emotional shot of the bride! But all too often, I forget to get a good emotional portrait of the groom as well! Gotta give those grooms some love!

#taylorsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #austin #texas #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @lindseyzamora @fujifilm_northamerica

Kirstie Marie + PV Takeover

Stephen Wood

I hope there are some horse lovers here, because the next three days equine photographer @kirstieeemarie will be filling your Insta-feed! Welcome, Kirstie! We’re so excited to have you! . . . I am SO happy to share some horsey images with you all this week! I thought I should start with an image I took very early on in my photography career. I got my first DSLR during my senior year of college, and it wasn’t long before I retired that camera, bought a Contax 645, and went to 100% film. I was planning my wedding at the time and was extremely drawn to the aesthetic of film photography greats like Jose Villa and Erich McVey. I started taking photographs of the only thing that I knew and loved—my pony in my front pasture. This quickly grew to me taking pictures of the one thing that I felt needed documenting—how much a girl loves her horse.

#kirstiesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #oklahoma #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @josevilla @erichmcvey @fujifilm_northamerica

@kirstieeemarie here again with a few tips & tricks should you ever find yourself in a situation where you are shooting horses. First, make sure your equine model is comfortable. Horses are extremely expressive with their eyes, and a worried eye is a strong indicator that your horse is stressed out (and probably won’t be very cooperative). They might need to go for a walk, eat some grass, see another horse buddy to calm their nerves or get lots of pets to settle down and relax a bit. Second, always make sure their ears are forward. Always. I have an assistant come to every shoot of mine and their sole job is getting the horse’s attention. Noises, motion and food work very well to get a great expression on the horse’s face.

#kirstiesvision #pvtakeover #hasselbladh1 #fuji400h #rhodesriverranch #arlington #washington #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica

I (@kirstieeemarie) am still deeply inspired by film wedding photography, and one thing I love most is how much connection there is. I kid you not, I actually get most of my posing ideas from engagement photography. I just—you know—replace a handsome man with a handsome steed :).

#kirstiesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #gibbsshowhorses #collinsville #texas #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica

@kirstieeemarie here for day 2 of the PV Takeover!! One of my favorite parts about living in Texas is the spring full of wildflowers! Nothing depicts the brevity of life quite like a bluebonnet flower. Their beauty is mighty, but their season is short. Just as the bluebonnets can be fleeting, so can a horse’s mood. I am at the mercy of every horse I work with—because they are 1200-pound animals with a mind, will and agenda of their own. With enough patience and horse treats, sometimes I can coax them into the pose or position that I envision, but more often than not, I work around what they want to do.

#kirstiesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #aledo #texas #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica

I’m not sure if you know this, but unicorns are real. And so is Portra 800’s love for the color red. 

@kirstieeemarie #kirstiesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #portra800 #pumpkinridgeequestriancenter #northplains #oregon #photovisionprints #sp3000 #kodakfilm @kodak_photo @kodakprofilm

There are few things I love more than horses on film. I mean, I am a sucker for a willow tree, gorgeous light and Fuji 400H that wraps around my subjects and makes them glow, but to an equestrian, a horse is so much more than a pet. Her horse is her teammate, her therapist, her teacher and her best friend. I’m just trying to capture everything he means to her in a photograph, for her to remember the bond they shared. 

@kirstieeemarie #kirstiesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #pumpkinridgeequestriancenter #northplains #oregon #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm #horsesonfilm @fujifilm_northamerica

There are only a handful of equine photographers I know of who choose to shoot portraits with film. PhotoVision can attest that in many of my shots, the horse is walking off, yawning, swishing off a fly or—heaven forbid—blinking during my shutter release. Working with horses requires a great amount of patience and a large tolerance for wasted shots. But if you shoot film, you understand the gratification when you nail the shot. 

@kirstieeemarie #kirstiesvision #pvtakeover #hasselbladh1 #fuji400h #gibbsshowhorses #collinsville #texas #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica

One of my favorite things about shooting horses on film is getting to capture the details of horse show outfits. Women who compete in Western events wear shirts that are intricately designed, with handset beadwork and Swarovski crystals. They are works of art in their own right, intended to compliment the color of the horse and catch the judges’ eyes in the show pen.

@kirstieeemarie #kirstiesvision #pvtakeover #hasselbladh1 #fuji400h #capitalquarterhorses #pilotpoint #texas #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm #horsesonfilm @dtartistry @fujifilm_northamerica

@kirstieeemarie here, ready to sign off from the PV Takeover this week. This has been SO MUCH FUN and I am so humbled and honored that PhotoVision asked me to share some of my heart with you all. I hope you have enjoyed your daily dose of equine beauty <3. My parting advice, is to shoot what you love and love what you shoot. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with your clients and establish a real relationship—a real friendship. I absolutely love what I do because I truly love who I do it for. I leave each of my shoots emotionally attached to both the women and horses alike. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to direct message me at @kirstieeemarie or @kmplearn.

#kirstiesvision #pvtakeover #hasselbladh1 #fuji400h #pilotpoint #texas #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm #horsesonfilm @highpointperformancehorses @fujifilm_northamerica