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Salem, Oregon 97301

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


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Shannon Moffit + PV Takeover + Day 3

PhotoVision Team

@samoffit Takeover Lesson Nine, *Travel with Film* 🌎: Just last year I started taking my Contax with me when I travel (since it is *such* a light camera), and I have really loved how photos of architecture and environments look on film through an 80mm lens. Since there is less pressure when you shoot buildings vs. paying clients, I have been able to experiment with exposures, push processing and filters, which has really helped me master the technical side of shooting film.

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@samoffit Takeover Lesson Ten, *Black + White* 🖤: I first learned photography in 2010, with a 35mm Canon AE-1 and 40 rolls of Kodak Tri-X. Since switching to digital, and then adding medium format to my bag of tricks, I never really thought about using the Contax to shoot black + white. (I assumed I would just convert color to b+w in post, like I do digitally.) This was one of the first rolls I shot on #Ilford3200, and the grain and richness in the lights and darks are magical unicorn status. 🦄 I highly recommend trying out a few rolls of #Ilfordfilm if you have not.

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@samoffit Takeover Lesson Eleven, *Sun Placement* ☀: As with digital photography, placing the sun just outside your lens’ field of view can make a hazy, flare-filled, low-contrast image look a lot better (unless you are doing it on purpose, of course). In this image, I metered the white dress bulb out, facing my camera. Before clicking the shutter, I moved my body to the left to make sure I was not getting any direct sun in my lens.

#pvtakeover #shansvision #contax645 #fuji400h #virginiabeach #virginia #photovisionprints #profilmlab #filmisnotdead #sp3000 #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm @fujifilm_profilm @tram_alvarado @clairepettibone @romantiquebride @anywherebeautybyshae @chicuniquerentalsandevents @rachel.bakes @letterlyn @roostflowers @niricem @mmmols @joanntupponceinc @weddingsparrow

@samoffit Takeover Lesson Twelve, *Closeups of People* 👰: Macro filters can be used for other subjects besides rings. This is a close-up portrait shot using a Hoya +2 filter during a branding shoot for The Hybrid Atelier (*cue shameless self-promotion*), an educational platform I co-founded with @nikkisanterre. If you are new to #film, or looking to branch out into #hybridphotography, slap us with a “Like” and join our Facebook page, The Hybrid Atelier, to keep up with discussions and news. We will be running a HUGE giveaway of photography goodies (*hopefully* within the next few months) just before launching a store full of e-books, written in collaboration with our favorite film and hybrid industry leaders. Nikki and I have also started “The Weekend Wrap-up,” a video series on YouTube, that will hopefully give you some good tips and laughs. Subscribe at to stay updated and follow us on Instagram @thehybridatelier.

Thank you again for tuning in to my #pvtakeover. “Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.” 😉

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When He Found Her + PV Takeover + Day 3

Stephen Wood

@whenhefoundher Takeover Day 3: Another way I prevent creative ruts is to intentionally book “me time” into my schedule. It is incredibly important to ensure that you are building and investing into yourself and spending time doing what you love, outside of shooting. I have always found I am more creative, and produce my best work, when I carve out time for myself—whether that’s vacationing, hiking or spending time with family and friends . . . find whatever fills your cup. This image was taken at Milford Sound while my wife and I were in New Zealand for a shoot. We decided to make the most of our trip and fly in early to vacation a bit before the shoot. Shooting for yourself is freeing. Without the pressures of producing art for a client. It can be a great way to discover (or re-discover) who you are as an Artist.

#reidsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #milfordsound #newzealand #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica 

@whenhefoundher Takeover Day 3: This image is from a one-on-one workshop I hosted last year. During the shoot, we experienced a sudden hailstorm in the middle of the beach and had only a few seconds to finish shooting. Fortunately, as the wind picked up, the fabric pressed across the model’s face, and I was able to snag this shot. Moments later, we were all sprinting to the cars. Remember, things will not always go as planned, be flexible and creative under pressure.

#reidsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @postcalligraphy @sweetwoodruff @ashleyreadings @mrsbridal @fujifilm_northamerica 

@whenhefoundher Takeover Day 3: I just want to say, thank you so much for following along these last few days! I had so much fun creating these posts, and I hope that they have helped or inspired you in some way. This black and white image is one of my favorite captures, it serves as a reminder to always be present and ready when shooting. During a wedding, anything can happen in an instant. Even with as much planning and scheduling that goes into them, photographers aren’t always aware of every last detail. In this example, the bride and groom had a traditional champagne toast just after the ceremony, but it started before they finished walking down the aisle—something I wasn’t ready for. I quickly grabbed my camera and shot like crazy. I managed to capture this moment, which describes the day perfectly: The couple, committing their lives to each other, surrounded by their friends and family, celebrating this new beginning. Thanks again for following along!

#reidsvision #pvtakeover #canon1V #ilford3200 #photovisionprints #sp3000 #ilford #torontohuntclub #canada #rosaclara #weddingdress @oohlaladesigns @gushweddings @warehouse_84 

Michelle Boyd + PV Takeover + Day 2 (cont'd)

Stephen Wood

“A few years ago, I switched to film primarily because I knew all my favorite influential photographers shot film. I knew it came with a heavy price tag, but I thought I'd just shoot a *few* rolls at each wedding . . . which quickly became *every* roll. I fell head-over-heels in LOVE with Fuji skin tones and that delicious bokeh of medium format cameras, and the whole minimal editing factor changed my life. The key factor that hooked me, though, was the process—every photograph became tangible. I slowed down and learned to breathe, and bit by bit my composition, focus and direction improved exponentially. I realized very quickly that film had been the missing element for my work, and I’ve never looked back! (I still shoot about 15% digital during receptions, though, and apparently I audibly sigh every time I pick up my digital camera☺.)” @michelleboyd

#michellesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #zeiss80mm #fuji400 #lostmission #springbranch #texas #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @mayhardesign @bricolagecf @juliangoldbridal @billreid @whitneyfarnsworth @fujifilm_northamerica

“Once in my life, I would love to photograph an entire wedding on black and white film. I have so enjoyed experimenting with different stocks and lighting situations, and my current long-standing favorite is Ilford Delta 3200. It has deliciously timeless grain. I usually rate it at 1600, or at 3200, and push it one stop. The high ISO is fabulous for using a faster shutter speed and stopping movement, so I generally shoot a few rolls of it during receptions and ALWAYS for sparkler exits!” @michelleboyd

#michellesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #zeiss80mm #ilford3200 #photovisionprints #sp3000 #ilfordfilm @cara_overhoff @ilfordimaging

Michelle Boyd + PV Takeover + Day 1

Stephen Wood

We’re so pumped to have @michelleboyd take over our feed for the next four days! Michelle is an Austin-based, internationally-acclaimed wedding photographer, whose tender heart beats for weddings steeped in elegance and authenticity. Welcome, Michelle! . . . “Hey y'all! I am so thrilled to be taking over PhotoVision's Instagram feed for the next few days! It's such an honor and I can't wait to share some of my favorite photographs, experiences and words of wisdom with y’all. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of community and sharing our strengths and weaknesses, and I hope that maybe just one of my little posts will either inspire or help someone out there in this big wide world of film photography!”

#michellesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #zeiss80mm #fuji400 #davancychateau #plymouth #california #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @katewhelanevent @flourishflowers @froufrouchic @annacampbellbridal @xmheller @fujifilm_northamerica

“My sweet mom is currently having ALL of our old family photographs developed and digitized. We're talking upwards of 12,000 photographs from the past 35-40 years, all of which were taken on old film cameras by my dad (who taught me much of what I know). As I helped her organize some of the boxes, it was impossible to work quickly—my parents lived in that non-digitized, glorious time when every photograph was lovingly snapped and preciously archived. The memories my parents captured on film became my memories as I flipped through their albums countless times, and that's one of my biggest desires for my clients— as their children and grandchildren flip through their wedding albums, I want those memories to come alive for them, just as though they had sat in the aisle and listened to their ‘I do's.’” @michelleboyd

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Justine Milton + PV Takeover

Stephen Wood

We were so excited to have @miltonphoto takeover our feed for the past three days! It was great having you, Justine! Don't miss her Luminous Workshop, which runs May 15-18, 2016 in Calgary, Alberta and the Rocky Mountains. Registration is now open! For more information, visit

I am so excited to be doing my first ever IG takeover! I learned the most about film from Stephen wood, through trial and error and lots of hours on the phone, his feedback, tips and tricks have drastically improved my film work over the past couple years! I am so thankful to have such a fabulous lab to help me along the way! I want to start with this frame . . .  The mountains make the most gorgeous setting for weddings. When the weather was bad, we waited out the rain for over an hour, but when it cleared, the sky was gorgeous and the sun was just setting. #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @birdsandhoney @delicabridal @misshayleypaige @annekeforbes @asanderson1 @theprettyhaus @fujifilm_northamerica 

Friends are one of the greatest gifts we have in this world, and getting to capture these incredible connections is amazing. @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @birdsandhoney @madisonmikhail @fujifilm_northamerica  

Mountain air is different. Every time I am in the mountains, it’s not just breathtaking, it’s refreshing—a way to reset thoughts and search for new inspiration. @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica 

Letting go of control and letting real moments unfold is sometimes best. Big wind gusts blow veils and hair all over the place, occasionally in the right direction. Getting your clients to relax and go with the flow leads to natural smiles. I love a genuine moment. @miltonphoto  #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica 

Sometimes, to get the look you want, you just have to make a mess and throw things down. Perfect, careful placement doesn’t always work. @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @asanderson1 @birdsandhoney @layersofloveliness @fujifilm_northamerica 

I was hesitant to use black and white film for a while. Knowing that I can’t change it back to color was a daunting thought. But once I started, I fell in love with it! There are less distractions with black and white and more focus on the subject. Something about the nostalgia of a black and white print really brings the moment to life for me. @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #Ilford3200 #photovisionprints #sp3000 @birdsandhoney @btrain_ @emilyforblushed @ilfordimaging

Every photo you take should be able to stand on its own as a piece of art. No matter the subject, the size or significance, every image should speak for itself. @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica 

 No matter where you are, there is always a stunning location to be found if you look hard enough. @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @sarahmayersondesign @ecweddings @pearlanddot @espyexperience @lifesetsail @fujifilm_northamerica

Sometimes it’s hard to control large groups. The best way to work with groups is to give up control and just let them be natural! @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @delicabridal @truvellebridal @donnamorgan_nyc @derksformals @fabloomosity @kaaatiethomas @fujifilm_northamerica

Boudoir is sometimes hard to photograph—the battle between making it sexy, but tasteful. It took me over three years to find my style in boudoir. I’ve finally done it now, and I opted for a more natural aesthetic—no heels, no glamorous done-up hair or makeup. I want my client to feel comfortable, yet I want a certain vulnerability to come through in the images. @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @noviamiabridal @fujifilm_northamerica

Sometimes the things that inspire you can be very simple. Rather than always using an outdoor location, I’ve been pushing myself to shoot indoors more. I love the challenge! And sometimes, when you have a space this gorgeous, it’s not a challenge at all! @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @nicolleemcneill @parkwood_homes @fujifilm_northamerica

A styled shoot with industry peers feeds the creative soul. Getting to photograph and create such beautiful scenes is always a treat. @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @virginiaroseevents @fujifilm_northamerica 

Snow is gorgeous. Wintertime makes for incredible images, but the sun sets fast and it’s not as bright as other times of the year. Still, snow makes the best natural reflector. @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @delicabridal @truvellebridal @kirburg @fujifilm_northamerica 

When posing my clients, I try to give them actions or directions rather than traditionally posing them. This way, they fall into a natural pattern, and the results are much more flattering and genuine. @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @birdsandhoney @delicabridal @misshayleypaige @annekeforbes @asanderson1 @theprettyhaus @fujifilm_northamerica  

The mountains are an enchanting place and I am so excited to be teaching a film photography workshop there this spring! . . . Thank you for following along with Justine's takeover this week! For more information on her workshop, visit @miltonphoto #justinesvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #sp3000 #fujifilm @fujifilm_northamerica