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We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


How to properly store negatives

PhotoVision Team

We respect the negative. And you should, too. Your negatives are the MVP of your images. In a digital era, when images can get lost or deteriorate in quality, storing your art in its pure, tangible form is the ultimate backup! ⁠⁠

⁠⁠From the moment your film arrives at our door, it is in good hands. From write-up to processing to scanning, we take the utmost care with your film. After your film is processed and scanned, we hand-cut and sleeve every single roll into binder-ready, archival-quality contact sheets, labeled by roll and organized by order at no charge. ⁠⁠

So, let’s talk about how to properly store these bad boys. ⁠⁠Make sure your hands are dry and clean before handling negatives. ⁠⁠

  • Only hold negatives on the edges. Oils from your hands can damage them.

  • ⁠⁠If you remove the film from its sleeving, be sure to clean the negative before placing it back in its sleeving. This will help protect the negative from scratching. ⁠⁠

  • Store negatives flat (we suggest using a binder)—film warps easily. ⁠⁠

  • Do not store your negatives in an attic or garage. Keep negatives in a cool, dark, dry place where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate much. Moisture can cause negatives to stick to their surroundings and temperature fluctuations can increase their rate of decay. ⁠⁠

Have questions about how to best store your negatives? Sound off below! ⁠

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