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3775 Market Stree NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Jenna McElroy

PhotoVision Team

Hi y’all! It’s @jennamcelroyphoto here and I am SO overjoyed to be taking over @photovisionprints’ Instagram for a few days! I am a wedding and lifestyle film photographer based out of Austin, Texas. Capturing memories and getting to share stories through my lens is a huge honor that I am SO grateful for! When I’m not shooting, you can catch me adventuring with my amazing husband, Scott (pictured above!), and our two littles, Christian and Hendrix. Over the next few days, I’m going to share a little of my film journey along with some film tips. Thanks so much for following along and shout-out to the wonderful stranger who focused my #Contax 645 like a boss for this photo! 🙌🏼

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My film journey started when I was 17 in a film darkroom as a junior in high school. I was truly captivated from the very first day of class. ✨ The class required a slow, intentional process that forced me to step back and really take notice of the world in front of me. I fell in LOVE with the entire process—the smell of the chemicals and the excitement of watching my images come to life, the manual focus of my 35mm camera and the slow, noisy shutter. Photography ignited something deep within my soul—it truly felt like coming home. I left the first day of class and told my mom I wanted to become a photographer. So grateful this dream came to fruition! ❤

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As a film photographer, one of the most common questions I get is—why film? Film has an amazing softness, an added sense of romance, stunning grain and inimitable colors. 💗   It also holds an unrivaled emotional connection. Film adds a layer of emotion to photographs that makes it more of a storyteller than digital. With each image, an artist mixes love with the slow shutter and grain to create a beautiful memory. It is a slow intentional process, which makes film a different way of seeing the beauty in everyone, and everything, around us. ✨

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One of the most important aspects of my shooting style is how I make people feel while they’re in front of my camera. The saying is true—people will always remember the way you made them feel. It is my goal on every single shoot that my clients see themselves as they truly are: incredibly BEAUTIFUL! I want them to feel confident, comfortable and calm, and leave the shoot with not only beautiful photos, but memories of a fun experience. 

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Sometimes getting my clients to feel comfortable in front of the camera means not taking myself too seriously, even if that means giving them my best (loud) fake laugh to make them smile! I’m never quite sure if they’re laughing at me or with me. 😉

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Whether it be a portrait session or a wedding day, it’s always important for me to shoot the “must have” portraits and poses, such as the couple both facing forward and smiling. But then once I know I have those, it’s so important to get out of the box with my clients and try new things I wouldn’t normally do. Whether that means asking my clients to run through a field, hike to a epic location, have a picnic at a park or whisper something silly in the other’s ear, it’s so important to keep my work fresh and a part of my own vision. 😍 

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Inspiration comes in all forms. It’s important to remember that whether you shoot weddings or families, there is inspiration that exists outside of major wedding or family blogs. Some of my favorite shoots have been based on mere colors or stories rather than trying to emulate an industry peer. My personal favorite sources of inspiration are nature, local makers, books, interiors and my loved ones! ❤

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It is so incredibly important to remember to shoot for yourself! Make time in your schedule to shoot whatever it is that inspires you and makes your heart soar. When the day-to-day business tasks bog you down, this will help reignite the artist and passion within you to just create for the sake of creating. 

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Community truly is better than competition. Surround yourself with peers who pour love and life into you! Finding a community of people around me (and online) who support and love me unconditionally has been super important. Find others who support your business and vice versa! There’s never too much love to share! 😍

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Always remember that this is YOUR art (and business). You can create just what you want, and show exactly what you want on your website, blog, Instagram, etc! Be un-apologetically and authentically yourself! 🙂

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Show gratitude in all that you do! I try to weave gratitude into my business in every way. Whether it’s giving my clients a thank you gift, extending a heartfelt thank you to a wedding artist for a referral, or simply acknowledging my amazing #filmlab for rocking it, gratitude goes a LONG way in my experience! While we’re on that note, thank you all so much for following along! It’s been a pure joy to share a little of my journey with all of you! 😍

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