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3775 Market Stree NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Callie Manion + PV Takeover + Day 1

PhotoVision Team

My Start

@calliemanionphotography #pvtakeover Day 1: Hi, friends! I am so excited to be taking over PV’s Insta this week! I found #film when I was at a point of real frustration with my own work. I wasn’t achieving the look I wanted and hadn’t stepped into the world of FB groups and forums yet to be easily guided, so I was learning everything on my own—which was lonely and defeating. By sheer luck, I traveled down a rabbit hole that led to film and my world was completely turned upside down. (Really, it was that dramatic! 😉) I hope this week you’ll be able to benefit from learning a bit about my film journey. And please feel free to comment with any questions—I promise to respond! xo, Callie.

📷 on #fuji400h with a #mamiya645af at #piazzasanmarco in Venice, Italy.

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@calliemanionphotography #pvtakeover Day 1: It’s all about the light, friends! This was a lesson I learned early on by experimenting with tons of different lighting situations. I learned quickly what situations to avoid, and equally as important, what my favorite type of light looked like—which is backlighting my clients and filtering the light through something like the trees you see in this photo. This is how I’m able to create a cohesive set of images, no matter the variables at play. Because truthfully, it doesn’t matter what colors your clients are wearing, or what your location looks like, or even what film gear you are using—the most important factor is always the light!

📷 on #fuji400h with a #mamiya645af at #littlesahara Recreation Area in Utah.

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Be Kind

@calliemanionphotography #pvtakeover Day 1: One idea I strongly believe in is the importance of being kind. We all start our journey somewhere, so be kind to those who may reach out and ask questions. Even when I’m in the midst of my busy season, I always try to find time to answer emails or DMs because I totally get it! I was there once and I know a simple email goes a long way. Also, be kind to the harder-to-please clients. We’ve all had them! I’m not saying to offer major discounts or bend over backward to please someone, but showing grace and kindness can earn you a recommendation to an ideal client in the future or a 5-star rating on your website. Whatever it is, you will reap the benefits in the end!

📷 on #fuji400h with a #mamiya645af at @wildcatterranch in Texas.

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Invest in Yourself

@calliemanionphotography #pvtakeover Day 1: Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and your business. Styled shoots may seem frivolous to some and not worth the expense, but I’m a firm believer in taking that risk. The same goes with investing in your education, whether mentorships or workshops. I have so many stories of booking weddings or other projects based on the most random of circumstances—but they all started with me first investing in myself. I have booked weddings from styled shoots, from connections I’ve made with planners, from publications, from connections I’ve made with other photographers at workshops, from giveaways I’ve done and even from putting out a model call! Upfront, all these investments seemed like a lot, but not only did I book work from them, I also wouldn’t trade the experiences! So give yourself the “OK” to invest!

📷 on #fuji400h with a #mamiya645af at Union Station in Dallas, Texas.

#calliesvision #photovisionprints #profilmlab #sp3000 #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm @fujifilm_profilm @fabulousfete #susangrahamdesigns