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3775 Market Stree NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Jeremiah & Rachel Spray + PV Takeover + Day 2

PhotoVision Team

@jeremiahandrachel Takeover Day 2: So often we hear that film can't handle low light, and while we still shoot digital in some situations, there is something truly magical about a long exposure on film!! This beautiful setting, created by @greenwoodevents at @theresortatpawsup, was just begging for that! We only had a small amount of natural light coming in, so this image was taken on a tripod at 1/8th. Film let the natural light bleed into the image, blending with the candlelight and in turn, made it feel the way it did in real life, which is huge when you're shooting for your clients and vendors!

📷 on #Portra800 through a #Pentax67 at the Resort at Paws Up in Montana.       #jeremiahandrachelsvision #pvtakeover @thetopmontana


@jeremiahandrachel Takeover Day 2: Let's be honest, a wedding day can be stressful, both for you and your couples. Even in the midst of that, we always keep in mind what a wedding means, and how special it is for our brides and grooms and their families. No matter what happens on a wedding day, we want to help provide a safe place, and be someone our couples can trust and lean on, and even be one of the best parts of their day—second to actually getting married, of course! 😉

📷 on #Fuji400H through a #Contax645 at the Resort at Whitefish Lake in Montana. #jeremiahandrachelsvision #pvtakeover @goldfinchevents @mumsflowersmt @moniquelhuillierbride @joannaaugust @lodgeatwhitefishlake 


@jeremiahandrachel Takeover Day 2: As photographers, we notice lots of discussion about details vs. moments. On the surface, it can seem that moments are more “authentic" or "real," but one thing we realized getting married ourselves was just how personal details can be. The bouquet, the bride's jewelry, a cuff-link. As much as it can seem that a detail is just an object, from a couple's perspective, that small detail often tells a story, about family, love or a memory that's hard to put into words. We always try to remember this as we photograph a wedding, letting ourselves be open to seeing the whole day from a couple's perspective, and telling their "real" story. Be it moments or details, or even formal family shots, we try to treat each part of the day with the same importance and care.

📷 on #Fuji400H through a #Pentax645n at Lakewold Gardens, Seattle, Washington #jeremiahandrachelsvision #pvtakeover @goldfinchevents @trumpetandhorn @mumsflowersmt


@jeremiahandrachel Takeover Day 2: In every image you take, you should be in the image. A big thing that sticks out to us after years of shooting and seeing so many images on social media and blogs is how important it is that you are truly putting yourself into your images. No matter the camera/film/lab, if you aren't present in your image, a viewer can feel disconnected. It's a small detail that can be the difference between a good image and a great image. Letting it happen takes time, and lots of shooting, but as you do, it will truly bring your images to a new level, one that’s all your own. For us, we do this with  a combination of pre-visualizing a shoot, giving direction instead of posing, being open to our subjects’ chemistry and living in the moment with them.

📷 on Ilford HP5 through a Pentax67 at Green Valley Ranch in Coram, Montana. @greenvalleyranchmontana @greenwoodevents @megjones927