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We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Jessica Rose + Pv Takeover + Day 3

PhotoVision Team

@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 3: When doing editorial work, choose vendors to collaborate with whose work inspires you.

During this rainy shoot down in Oregon, I was blown away with @bethlevelartistry’s stunning makeup on our model and how she chose a red lip with this burnt orange @elizabethdye gown. It was a bold move and I would never have guessed how good it would look, until I saw it, then I was in love. 💕

Any collaboration is truly that—a bunch of artists bringing in their unique take on a vision. I’ve grown so much by reaching out and inviting the artists I admire most to work alongside me in these shoots.

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 3: Celebrate your successes! When you get images back from your amazing lab (ahem, @photovisionprints) and you’re out of this world pumped for how they turned out, go out and freaking celebrate! Dedicate a night to doing something you’re excited about, a concert or a new restaurant with your favorite people. Take time to recognize the effort you put in and the progress you are making because it is all too easy to get sucked into the hustle and never slow down enough to enjoy exactly where you are. 

Other professions do this well and naturally—an accountant getting a promotion or a dentist who opens up her own practice, people applaud and it’s recognized, because it *IS* a big deal. It’s also just as big for us as photographers when our hard work and talent come together to create something truly special in an image or photo session, and I want to encourage you to recognize that.

The results aren’t as obvious, but often these types of images get us new exposure, opportunity for features in great blogs or bookings with the kind of clients we want to work with, which is just as rewarding. These big and small victories take us one step closer to our goal, and deserve to be celebrated.

Don’t get lost in the hustle of accomplishment. Instead, savor each new achievement and enjoy the journey itself. 

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 3: As a wedding photographer I, like most of you, keep a running tally in my mind of which shots I’ve completed and which I still need to get on a wedding day. 

When I first started out, this could induce guilt if the day was further along and I knew there were still some shots I wanted to get. It took nerve for me to ask the couple if they’d be willing to come outside with me during the reception to take some last shots while the sun set. I would apologize and then shoot as fast as I could. Now, I trust that tally in my mind and feel no guilt at all, because I know these shots are going to be some of their absolute favorites, and it’s my job as their photographer to communicate their value to them. 

This shot was taken just as the sun was disappearing steps from Paul & Lindsay’s reception venue. Their outdoor wedding was incredibly beautiful, but the sun had been high and hot midday when we had done their couple session, so many of those images were shot in open shade. As guests sat down for dinner, I saw the soft buttery glow of the sunset over the garden and knew that we just had to sneak outside to take advantage of it. We did, and in those 15 minutes, I captured some of the best images of the day. 

Moral of the story: trust yourself and communicate with your clients. Even if they are a bit tired and ready to relax, this day only happens once, and they’ll be thankful when they receive those stunning images in their mailbox. 

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 3: MOVEMENT is key to creating a safe place for your clients to be themselves. Shoulders relax, muscles unwind and laughter flows naturally when they know they have a direction and action. A place to walk or run to.  

Guiding people into specific poses can be beneficial as well, but there are moments when even the most confident clients can look a bit stiff. Prescribed movement can naturally ease that tension for most clients, and give you the shots you were hoping for.  It is important though to choose movements that your clients are comfortable with. Every couple is different, some may be more reserved and prefer a slow walk looking over their shoulders at one another, while others are ready to run and leap barefoot. 💃

I pull movement into my shoots within the first 10 minutes of starting, often walking and holding hands, while reserving any bigger movements (if fitting for my clients) like running, twirling, dancing for the end when they are most comfortable. 

Jessy & James were definitely a couple full of energy and enthusiasm, and some of my favorite photos from their session were at the very end, laughing and running in the warm summer wind, hair messy, feet sandy, totally and completely relaxed. 

It has been such a joy to be with y’all over these past few days! Thank you so much for following along on my journey and loving me along the way! @photovisionprints, thank you for all the ways you’ve supported me. I couldn’t ask for a lab full of more incredible people, you have always shown such dedication to my success! And to all my amazing fine art friends out there, I am so humbled and happy to be part of this community! You each encourage and inspire me daily. Shine on, you beautiful people! 

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