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Jessica Rose + Pv Takeover + Day 2

PhotoVision Team

@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 2:  The two words I use as my goal in photography are authenticity and storytelling. I achieve these goals by using an approach that mixes journalism & fine art.  

The thing I love about weddings is that natural moments flow so effortlessly. When you’re 100% on the ball gauging your lighting and seeing your couple react to not only each other but all the love surrounding them, you are free to compose and capture those natural moments with artistic precision and beauty. 

This shot is a perfect example of that. My beautiful client @woodk44 was just leaving her wedding ceremony walking to meet family and her groom for portraits. I immediately sprinted down the stairs ahead of her because I saw this shot unfold before my eyes. I couldn’t have set it up more perfectly, from the way she was holding her dress and flowers to the touches of green down the railing playing off of the green in her bouquet. 

Being present is *KEY* to bottling up the beauty and emotions in front of you. So get some extra sleep the night before and bring little snacks the day of to keep your energy high and your eyes sharp for these moments! 👌

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 2: When planning an editorial, I’ve found it so helpful to draft a simple story that gives the shoot context and meaning. Story is one of the most powerful ways we as humans understand the world around us, and when we use it to share something we care about in our photography, it gives meaning and inspiration to the beauty we photograph. ❤

It can be easy in the planning stages to focus on the objects you are excited about shooting, say, a new favorite gown or a stunning bouquet. However, I’ve found that crafting a story for the shoot creates a much more enticing gallery of images that offers viewers emotion to connect with. Keep the story simple but impactful, and focus on what you most want to say. 

An example would be this shoot we did down in Oregon. We created a story around a bride & groom who’d just driven away from their wedding reception and stopped along the coast to open a bottle of champagne together and soak in their day, just the two of them. We chose this story because we felt that “being alone together” was one of the most important parts of a wedding day, yet is so easily overlooked. Our goal was to encourage couples to slow down and soak in the beautiful commitment they are making to one another. From this narrative foundation, we based the gown choice, the hair and makeup and the flow of the shoot itself. We had a storyline for the couple to act out and a vision for us as a team to unite behind. 

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 2: Capturing the essence of a bridal party is such a fun challenge, one I’ve found takes a small amount of guidance and a big dose of attention. Each group will have their own energy, their own way of joking and being together and they are best captured in their natural element. My process is to set the group up in some beautiful light, then watch and capture as they interact with one another.

This shot was taken with me breathless after running off the yacht into the crowd of wedding guests gathered before the bridal party as they did their grand entrance. It was such an electric environment of cheering and excitement and the bridal party just shone. 

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 2: This shoot, right here, taught me a life lesson: even when it feels like almost EVERYTHING is going wrong, things can still turn out if you move quickly and stay positive. 👍

Even though we had the whole day together, makeup and hair took way longer than expected. Then, we hit traffic on the long drive down to Panther Beach from San Francisco, and my navigation took me the wrong way, making us even later. By the time we arrived at the beach, we had about 30 minutes to shoot before the sun set. And of course, inside I was freaking out. But instead of letting that dictate the shoot, I channeled my anxious energy into positive energy. I spent the shoot running between shots, nearly tripping over my feet half the time as I gauged the light falling on the models. By the time I took the bride to do some solo shots, the sun had already set, but I knew I had to keep shooting as long as I could. I put my shutter down as low as I felt comfortable (probably 1/30), held my breath and ended up taking some of my favorite images of that summer. 

I tell you this because, at one point or another, we ALL are going to fall flat on our faces, and shoots (just like life) will rarely go as planned. And that is OK, it really is. Even in the toughest moments, you will likely still get a few stunning images you love if you hustle. But most importantly, I believe you will learn the valuable lesson that, even when things get rough, you are tough and capable and really, REALLY talented. Next time, you may schedule a bit better, but you’ll believe in yourself a WHOLE lot more. Because, hey, if you could capture such beauty in the tough circumstances with everything working against you, how gorgeous will it be when things are easy? 

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