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3775 Market Stree NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

(503) 588-3686

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Love Letters from Our Photographers

"Hey Team!! You are literally making my photography dreams come true!! This session was incredible to shoot and then to receive my scans that were 100% on point with my aesthetic in every single way just enhances the story I was trying to convey with this session!! I can’t thank you enough for your consistent dedication to providing clients like me with incredible results! So glad to have you all on this journey with me. Your ride or die :)" Matoli Keely February 23, 2018
"Dear PhotoVision, My jaw dropped with these scans. I absolutely love them. Your customer service, turnaround times and quality assurance has put you guys ahead of the game. I have been using the same lab for two years but decided to try you guys out and I’m making the switch. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Ashley Holstein January 29, 2018
"Hello, PhotoVision! I just wanted to drop a note to tell you that I’ve been super impressed by your customer service lately! Turnaround time is amazing and appreciated, and the extra time to call to ask about condensed shipping to save money, I feel well taken care of. Thank you!" Ely Fair January 15, 2018
"I seriously can’t thank you all enough! It’s been an official 2 years for me with your lab 💕💕 I was recommended to use PhotoVision and you are the only team I have worked with and will work with!!!! Only great things to say about the company! 💕 Caroline Koehler January 8, 2018
"You guys have been such a big part in my success as a photographer. The magic you do with my scans and the feedback I have gotten in the past has been incredible." Carlos Hernández January 4, 2018
"Other labs don’t hold a candle to you in quality and care for their customers. Thanks for all you do!" Kathryn Bruns December 15, 2017
"I love my scans from you guys and am confident that you’ll assist me with getting 'the look'. I’ve been bouncing around from labs testing but I love your turnaround time the most and how easy y’all are to work with!" Justin Douglas December 11, 2017
"I also want to thank you guys for being so awesome. Katie Delorme talked you up, she's actually the reason I started using you guys. The scans and overall experience are the best I've had with a film lab. Thank you again! To you and everyone else at PhotoVision have a wonderful Christmas!" Keith Daigle December 8, 2017
"You guys are amazing! I barely have to make any adjustments to either of my orders, these are so beautiful! Thank you for all that you do!"  Brittany Ryswyk November 29, 2017
"Thank you so much!! They truly are the most adorable family ever! We are obsessed with their scans too!!! We love them!! Thanks for all you guys do! We know this time of year is so crazy for y'all!" Ally & Bobby Willix Photography November 21, 2017