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We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Ivy and Gold Photography + Contax645 + Portra800

PhotoVision Team

Groom style #goals! 👌🤵 Photo by @ivyandgoldphotography. "Brides get most of the attention, but there is something to be said about a really dapper groom in a perfectly-fitted tux. It's his big day, too! Make sure he looks and feels his best, and get some solo photos that make him feel handsome!" — Kelsee Thaten of Ivy and Gold

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Jessica Rose + Pv Takeover + Day 3

PhotoVision Team

@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 3: When doing editorial work, choose vendors to collaborate with whose work inspires you.

During this rainy shoot down in Oregon, I was blown away with @bethlevelartistry’s stunning makeup on our model and how she chose a red lip with this burnt orange @elizabethdye gown. It was a bold move and I would never have guessed how good it would look, until I saw it, then I was in love. 💕

Any collaboration is truly that—a bunch of artists bringing in their unique take on a vision. I’ve grown so much by reaching out and inviting the artists I admire most to work alongside me in these shoots.

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 3: Celebrate your successes! When you get images back from your amazing lab (ahem, @photovisionprints) and you’re out of this world pumped for how they turned out, go out and freaking celebrate! Dedicate a night to doing something you’re excited about, a concert or a new restaurant with your favorite people. Take time to recognize the effort you put in and the progress you are making because it is all too easy to get sucked into the hustle and never slow down enough to enjoy exactly where you are. 

Other professions do this well and naturally—an accountant getting a promotion or a dentist who opens up her own practice, people applaud and it’s recognized, because it *IS* a big deal. It’s also just as big for us as photographers when our hard work and talent come together to create something truly special in an image or photo session, and I want to encourage you to recognize that.

The results aren’t as obvious, but often these types of images get us new exposure, opportunity for features in great blogs or bookings with the kind of clients we want to work with, which is just as rewarding. These big and small victories take us one step closer to our goal, and deserve to be celebrated.

Don’t get lost in the hustle of accomplishment. Instead, savor each new achievement and enjoy the journey itself. 

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 3: As a wedding photographer I, like most of you, keep a running tally in my mind of which shots I’ve completed and which I still need to get on a wedding day. 

When I first started out, this could induce guilt if the day was further along and I knew there were still some shots I wanted to get. It took nerve for me to ask the couple if they’d be willing to come outside with me during the reception to take some last shots while the sun set. I would apologize and then shoot as fast as I could. Now, I trust that tally in my mind and feel no guilt at all, because I know these shots are going to be some of their absolute favorites, and it’s my job as their photographer to communicate their value to them. 

This shot was taken just as the sun was disappearing steps from Paul & Lindsay’s reception venue. Their outdoor wedding was incredibly beautiful, but the sun had been high and hot midday when we had done their couple session, so many of those images were shot in open shade. As guests sat down for dinner, I saw the soft buttery glow of the sunset over the garden and knew that we just had to sneak outside to take advantage of it. We did, and in those 15 minutes, I captured some of the best images of the day. 

Moral of the story: trust yourself and communicate with your clients. Even if they are a bit tired and ready to relax, this day only happens once, and they’ll be thankful when they receive those stunning images in their mailbox. 

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 3: MOVEMENT is key to creating a safe place for your clients to be themselves. Shoulders relax, muscles unwind and laughter flows naturally when they know they have a direction and action. A place to walk or run to.  

Guiding people into specific poses can be beneficial as well, but there are moments when even the most confident clients can look a bit stiff. Prescribed movement can naturally ease that tension for most clients, and give you the shots you were hoping for.  It is important though to choose movements that your clients are comfortable with. Every couple is different, some may be more reserved and prefer a slow walk looking over their shoulders at one another, while others are ready to run and leap barefoot. 💃

I pull movement into my shoots within the first 10 minutes of starting, often walking and holding hands, while reserving any bigger movements (if fitting for my clients) like running, twirling, dancing for the end when they are most comfortable. 

Jessy & James were definitely a couple full of energy and enthusiasm, and some of my favorite photos from their session were at the very end, laughing and running in the warm summer wind, hair messy, feet sandy, totally and completely relaxed. 

It has been such a joy to be with y’all over these past few days! Thank you so much for following along on my journey and loving me along the way! @photovisionprints, thank you for all the ways you’ve supported me. I couldn’t ask for a lab full of more incredible people, you have always shown such dedication to my success! And to all my amazing fine art friends out there, I am so humbled and happy to be part of this community! You each encourage and inspire me daily. Shine on, you beautiful people! 

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Jessica Rose + Pv Takeover + Day 2

PhotoVision Team

@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 2:  The two words I use as my goal in photography are authenticity and storytelling. I achieve these goals by using an approach that mixes journalism & fine art.  

The thing I love about weddings is that natural moments flow so effortlessly. When you’re 100% on the ball gauging your lighting and seeing your couple react to not only each other but all the love surrounding them, you are free to compose and capture those natural moments with artistic precision and beauty. 

This shot is a perfect example of that. My beautiful client @woodk44 was just leaving her wedding ceremony walking to meet family and her groom for portraits. I immediately sprinted down the stairs ahead of her because I saw this shot unfold before my eyes. I couldn’t have set it up more perfectly, from the way she was holding her dress and flowers to the touches of green down the railing playing off of the green in her bouquet. 

Being present is *KEY* to bottling up the beauty and emotions in front of you. So get some extra sleep the night before and bring little snacks the day of to keep your energy high and your eyes sharp for these moments! 👌

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 2: When planning an editorial, I’ve found it so helpful to draft a simple story that gives the shoot context and meaning. Story is one of the most powerful ways we as humans understand the world around us, and when we use it to share something we care about in our photography, it gives meaning and inspiration to the beauty we photograph. ❤

It can be easy in the planning stages to focus on the objects you are excited about shooting, say, a new favorite gown or a stunning bouquet. However, I’ve found that crafting a story for the shoot creates a much more enticing gallery of images that offers viewers emotion to connect with. Keep the story simple but impactful, and focus on what you most want to say. 

An example would be this shoot we did down in Oregon. We created a story around a bride & groom who’d just driven away from their wedding reception and stopped along the coast to open a bottle of champagne together and soak in their day, just the two of them. We chose this story because we felt that “being alone together” was one of the most important parts of a wedding day, yet is so easily overlooked. Our goal was to encourage couples to slow down and soak in the beautiful commitment they are making to one another. From this narrative foundation, we based the gown choice, the hair and makeup and the flow of the shoot itself. We had a storyline for the couple to act out and a vision for us as a team to unite behind. 

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 2: Capturing the essence of a bridal party is such a fun challenge, one I’ve found takes a small amount of guidance and a big dose of attention. Each group will have their own energy, their own way of joking and being together and they are best captured in their natural element. My process is to set the group up in some beautiful light, then watch and capture as they interact with one another.

This shot was taken with me breathless after running off the yacht into the crowd of wedding guests gathered before the bridal party as they did their grand entrance. It was such an electric environment of cheering and excitement and the bridal party just shone. 

#jessicasvision #pvtakeover  #contax645 #fuji400h #newportbeach #california #photovisionprints #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #profilmlab #jessicarosephotography #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm @k_e_liebs

@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 2: This shoot, right here, taught me a life lesson: even when it feels like almost EVERYTHING is going wrong, things can still turn out if you move quickly and stay positive. 👍

Even though we had the whole day together, makeup and hair took way longer than expected. Then, we hit traffic on the long drive down to Panther Beach from San Francisco, and my navigation took me the wrong way, making us even later. By the time we arrived at the beach, we had about 30 minutes to shoot before the sun set. And of course, inside I was freaking out. But instead of letting that dictate the shoot, I channeled my anxious energy into positive energy. I spent the shoot running between shots, nearly tripping over my feet half the time as I gauged the light falling on the models. By the time I took the bride to do some solo shots, the sun had already set, but I knew I had to keep shooting as long as I could. I put my shutter down as low as I felt comfortable (probably 1/30), held my breath and ended up taking some of my favorite images of that summer. 

I tell you this because, at one point or another, we ALL are going to fall flat on our faces, and shoots (just like life) will rarely go as planned. And that is OK, it really is. Even in the toughest moments, you will likely still get a few stunning images you love if you hustle. But most importantly, I believe you will learn the valuable lesson that, even when things get rough, you are tough and capable and really, REALLY talented. Next time, you may schedule a bit better, but you’ll believe in yourself a WHOLE lot more. Because, hey, if you could capture such beauty in the tough circumstances with everything working against you, how gorgeous will it be when things are easy? 

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Jessica Rose + Pv Takeover + Day 1

PhotoVision Team

@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 1: When I first started in photography, I was a sucker for emotional shots, tender touches and loving embraces. Don’t get me wrong, they are still some of my favorite moments, and hold an important place in a photo session, but I have learned that capturing knockout portraits of your couple looking into your lens is just as important. 

Over the years, I’ve developed a process to get these knockout shots, and I do it by waiting until nearly the end of our portrait session on the wedding day. By this time, a couple has had the chance to relax from the nerves of the day and to connect with one another alone, often for the first time since their day began. Finally, through my encouragement and guidance, they have started to feel like rockstars in front of the camera, so after one of their last embraces, as the fading light hits them with its perfect softness, I ask them to turn toward me with those big beautiful smiles . . . and then a moment like this happens, and the real storytelling begins.

It’s not simple to be yourself in front of a camera, so when I see my couples 100% relaxed and radiant in who they are, I’m pretty much the happiest girl in the world because THOSE are the shots I know they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. 💛

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 1: Authenticity to yourself is just as important as learning the skills to help your clients be themselves in front of you.

For me, helping others show their true selves was very natural, but determining my own artistic self was a much harder journey. I stumbled upon the art world later than most (age 22 was my first real exposure and attempt at art) when I was required to take one art course in university. I chose a painting class, and I remember hesitantly asking the art professor before I signed up, “What if I just can’t do it? What if I absolutely suck at this?” I remember he smiled, and said if I just did my best, it didn’t matter what it looked like. So, I did just that, and it turned out I could paint—pretty well, actually. Heck, it turned out I LOVED to paint. A few years later, something very similar happened with photography, and here I am, years later, so pumped to share that no matter where you are starting in your journey, it is EXACTLY where you need to be, and if you just keep taking the next best step, you WILL arrive where you need to go. 

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@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 1: Early on in my photography career, I was so quick to look around at what other photographers were doing and then would attempt to create my own version of that. Deep down, I knew I wanted to create work that was true to me, but I would quickly overthink myself into a corner and become paralyzed. Eventually, I found the key wasn’t to force authenticity, but to just TRY things, trust myself in the moment and listen to my gut. In many ways, my journey was trial and error, which often was scary and sometimes risky.  The wonderful part was that I did learn to trust myself more and more with each attempt. 

Today, I actually spend very little time looking at other photographers’ work, other than supporting and loving my amazing friends in the industry, because I truly believe my best work comes from within me. When I relax. When I stop hustling to prove myself. When I take time to be present and meet the beautiful people I’m photographing exactly where they are at. 

This shoot down in San Francisco was the perfect example of that. We had a great team, but as shoots (and life) always go, there were complications and delays, but I chose to embrace the moment, to go with the flow, to capture who and what was in front of me, and not worry about who and what wasn’t. That’s where beauty met me—and because I was present,  I was able to see it and capture it, in all its glory. ✨

#jessicasvision #pvtakeover  #contax645 #fuji400h #sanfranciscocityhall #sanfrancisco #california #photovisionprints #profilmlab #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #jessicarosephotography #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm @harvestinglove @taraspencer_ @leannemarshalofficial @frankietobin_ @susiesaltzman @quissy @oncewed

@jessicarosephoto Takeover Day 1: Simplify. I am one to easily become overwhelmed with all of the things I’d like to do/capture/create. In shoots (as in life), I’m learning that my favorite shots are the ones I simplify. I step closer, cut things out, hone in and focus on a few key aspects of the scene in front of me that are important. 

This image is the perfect example of that, because there was so much beauty to capture, but this simple shot became one of my favorites from the session. The model was stunning with incredible makeup & hair done by @ashleyreadings and @sweetwoodruff had created a beautiful arrangement of flowers set up beside her. Yet as I stood there, looking at the scene, what I REALLY liked about the moment was the shape of the model’s arm holding her wrist, the angle of the branch she was holding and the way the color palette was almost completely green and white with lights and shadows playing over it. 🌿

I use to think simple was boring (just give me MORE of everything, please!) but now I’m learning simple *IS* everything and through it, I can tell the story of beauty with greater truth.  

#jessicasvision #pvtakeover  #contax645 #fuji400h #toronto #canada #photovisionprints #profilmlab #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #jessicarosephotography #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm @helloaudra @oncewed

Julian Navarette + Contax645 + Fuji400H

PhotoVision Team

Lush + romantic! 🌿 Flowing greenery elevates this boudoir session by @juliannavarettephoto, taken during his #gatherandgrow workshop, hosted alongside @sophiekayephotography + @amandawphoto in the legendary #metropolitanbuilding! "We held our first event this past January in NYC, and it was such a success. We knew we wanted to have a lush greenery set-up to enhance the already beautiful Metropolitan building, and @lorileefloral did an amazing job with the install. We thought flowing greenery and vines would look amazing in this little nook all around the vintage furniture, kind of like it had been growing there for a while and just took over. @desifitstyle was directly in front of the mirror, so you had do to a little bit of creative angling to not be seen." — Julian Navarette 

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Rebecca Hollis + Contax645 + Fuji400

PhotoVision Team

When you have your wedding at a ranch, you are bound to find a cowboy or two! 🐴 Photo by @rebeccahollisphotography in Montana! " This image has that true Montana cowboy feel to it - from the hat to silk scarf to cowboy boots. This is a reality of life on the ranches out here." — Rebecca Hollis 

#contax645 #fuji400h #theresortatpawsup #montana  #photovisionprints #profilmlab #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm @theresortatpawsup 

Betsy Blue Photography + Contax645 + Fuji400H

PhotoVision Team

The sound of the shutter releasing and film advancing warms our hearts! But its got this sweet little pup all perplexed! Photo by @betsyblue in Medford, Oregon! "Junebug, the french bulldog, was very involved in Anna & Seth’s lifestyle maternity session. She was so curious why mom’s baby bump was garnering so much attention, and thoroughly inspected each piece of gear I removed from my bag. She wasn’t shy in front of the camera, but more perplexed at the noisy film loading and shutter clicks. So typical of a first born to be so transparently in charge . . . 😉🐾" — Betsy Blue Photography 

#contax645 #fuji400h #medford #oregon #photovisionprints #profilmlab #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm @happyandgray @sethjamesc

Kim Stockwell + PV Takeover + Day 3

PhotoVision Team

@kimstockwellphoto Takeover Day 3: Another thing I like to do when photographing bridesmaids is to get them to interact with one another. 👯 I am very underwhelmed with the standard “bridesmaids line-up,” and my goal of every image is to evoke emotion. Touch and laughter is one of the easiest ways to get people to show emotion. Most people do not enjoy being in front of a camera, so when you ask them to hold onto one another, they appreciate it and it usually results in a smile or a shared look of relief with the person next to them. In this image, I wanted that interaction, but I also wanted there to be balance in the image. Since I had two girls on one side, I asked them to lean against one another and hold hands, and with the bridesmaid on the right, I asked her to lean into the bride, but hold her shoulder. This grander stance on the right helps bring the viewer’s eyes up and balance the image, all while creating a playful emotion. 

#kimsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #branchmuseum #richmond #virginia #photovisionprints #profilmlab #kimstockwellphotography #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm @branchmuseum @alexandragrecco @photosynthesisflorals @jamielynnsigweddings

@kimstockwellphoto Takeover Day 3: I like to think I’m pretty funny. 😭 OK—I think I’m *really* funny, but I’m probably just *pretty* funny. Regardless, I tend to joke with my clients a lot because people enjoy laughter and laughing is so much easier to photograph than frowning. It’s a win-win! Here’s my most favorite go-to joke when photographing a couple—at some point while directing them into different images, I will say, “OK, now give me a kiss!” and usually they will look at me first for affirmation, and at that point I pretend to look terrified and say, “OH NO! Kiss each other, not me!” This results in the couple laughing with one another, which creates the sweetest, genuine laughter like you see here. Try it at your next wedding + let me know how it goes! 

#kimsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #henrymansfieldcannonmemorialchapel #urichmond #richmond #virginia #photovisionprints #profilmlab #kimstockwellphotography #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmisnotdead #sp3000 #nationalregisterofhistoricplaces @fujifilm_profilm @lkeventsdesign @ellestylestudiorva @christinajgraham @magrahamkp08 @victorharpercouture @urichmond

@kimstockwellphoto Takeover Day 3: Details. 🍰 Details for me are bittersweet. I prefer to photograph things that can take direction + preferably laugh at my jokes. It’s really hard to make a pair of Jimmy Choos laugh—like, really hard. For me, people are the most important thing on a wedding day because they are the ones who are irreplaceable. With that being said, details are also super important in order to give your clients an overall feel for their wedding day. Even though I have yet to make a pair of Jimmy Choos laugh, I still approach photographing details the same way I do people. I check to make sure the light is right on whatever I am photographing and that I have the subject’s best angle in mind. For example, this cake shot was taken before the ceremony, but I asked the planner if I could light the candles for a quick picture. I also pulled the table away from the window in order to give some depth behind the cake and make it sort of “pop” in the image. My point is, I didn't just photograph the cake how it was sitting there, because it was just there. I made sure to photograph that cake as if it was looking for a new #Tinder profile pic. And I mean, I’d swipe right. 😉

#kimsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #branchmuseum #richmond #virginia #photovisionprints #profilmlab #kimstockwellphotography #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm @wpabakery @branchmuseum @photosynthesisflorals

@kimstockwellphoto Takeover Day 3: Vendor importance! ⚡ Wedding days are built on the vendors who contribute, and they should be recognized just how we all want to be recognized. I always start with my #filmlab because they are the ones who help guarantee my clients get the most amazing wedding images. In addition to my lab, I make sure to credit everyone from the planner and the venue, to the florist and the dress designer. I spend lots of time making sure every image I publicly share gives credit to those involved. That extra time can make all the difference. People want to feel valued and appreciated—that sticks with people and will ultimately make them remember you + your brand. This image is one of my favorites from a collaboration with a dear friend and very talented designer, @forloveoflove. 💕

#kimsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #profilmlab #kimstockwellphotography #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm

Kim Stockwell + PV Takeover + Day 2

PhotoVision Team

@kimstockwellphoto Takeover Day 2: Don’t be afraid to get weird. 😜 When I first started photographing weddings, I constantly battled with taking the shots I thought people *wanted* me to take, and finding time for the shots *I* wanted to take. Insider tip—people will literally do anything as long as you are nice about it, and most importantly, ask with confidence. Confidence is key! For example, this is one of my brides and her twin sister. I knew I wanted an image of them that showed the close bond they have, so I asked them to hold hands. Then, despite the 100-degree Virginia summer day, I said lean in close to and touch foreheads. They didn't doubt me because I said it confidently, but y'all, that was crazy! Crazy, weird, whatever you want to call it, can be so worth it. Stay confident in your ideas—it’s the reason your clients hired you in the first place. 

#kimsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #vmfa #richmond #virginia #photovisionprints #profilmlab #kimstockwellphotography #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm @vmfamuseum @transformationsartistry @allmyfavoritefwords @joshalloway

@kimstockwellphoto Takeover Day 2: When photographing couples on their wedding day, I make it a point to direct them into their own images. 📷 I never want a couple to look back at an image and go, “Why did Kim tell us to do that?!” I like my clients to be comfortable with me to the point that I am not even really there. In order to get them to settle into the moment, I request a lot of actions, and from there, I let them interpret what those look like. For example, in this image, I asked the bride to lean into her new husband’s chest and hold onto him. Then I asked her to close her eyes and take a deep breath in through her nose and slowly let it out through her mouth. This is a very relaxing breath that instantly puts people at ease. By being at ease, she settled into the image even more, and you can just feel the immense peace and solidarity of this moment. 

#kimsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #richmond #virginia #photovisionprints #profilmlab #kimstockwellphotography #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm @transformationsartistry @allmyfavoritefwords @joshalloway

@kimstockwellphoto Takeover Day 2: Mentors have been so important to my development as a film wedding photographer. 💚 I put off learning film for the longest time because the community felt different from digital. I had film photography on this pedestal and I was terrified of not being accepted. But my mentor @nikkisanterre took me in with open arms and taught me more than I could have imagined. She is now sharing that hospitality + education through the @hybridatelier with fellow educator @samoffit. And *TODAY* they are launching some incredible educational opportunities for new and seasoned film photographers. I highly encourage you to check them out! 

#kimsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #photovisionprints #profilmlab #kimstockwellphotography #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm

@kimstockwellphoto Takeover Day 2: My favorite way to manage large bridal parties is to break them up into smaller groups. 👯 After I take the shot of all the bridesmaids, I will ask if there are any groups within this group (family members, childhood friends, sorority sisters, etc.). From there, I will photograph each group within the group because it does two things: (1) Gives the bride a chance to have a moment with each of these little groups and (2) it helps me bring a unified and intimate feel to their overall wedding gallery. This image is of the bride with her family members in the bridal party. 

#kimsvision #pvtakeover #contax645 #fuji400h #vmfa #richmond #virginia #photovisionprints #profilmlab #kimstockwellphotography #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmisnotdead #sp3000 @fujifilm_profilm @vmfamuseum @transformationsartistry @allmyfavoritefwords