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3775 Market Stree NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Ivy and Gold Photography + PV Takeover + Day 2

PhotoVision Team

@ivyandgoldphotography #pvtakeover Day 2:“peering from some high// window;at the gold// of november sunset// (and feeling: that if day/ has to become night// this is a beautiful way)” [“who are you,little i” by e. e. cummings] I’m not going to pretend I’m a poetry expert or anything, but when I read these lines, I instantly imagine an autumn sunset, and additionally, my personal experiences expand it to a metaphor of changing seasons. That’s exactly what this shoot was inspired by. The transition from light, bright summer, to deep, rich autumn. Reading Cummings’ poem made me see the season change in a different way than I'd seen it before. It made me take what I usually see as a time of pensiveness and melancholy—the change from a light season to a dark one—and instead see it as a time of beauty. The early, but glowing, golden autumn sunsets are like a comforting, warm blanket, tucking us in for the sleepy winter. I love that inspiration can come from our own interpretations of art and the way we each see the world and experience things. 

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@ivyandgoldphotography #pvtakeover Day 2: Who else loves desk/workspace photos? 🙋 I think they’re so fun! Well, here’s my desk! 😊 One of the ways I stay inspired every day is by surrounding myself with things that bring me joy! To be honest, I’m not a minimalist. I’m just not. My desk is normally covered in a million notepads and sticky notes, because I love writing things down on paper. My office is a bit of an “organized chaos.” It’s definitely a representation of my right-brained tendencies. Ha! But, the point is that it brings me joy! The mix of quirky and thrifted items (my snail tape dispenser and vintage label maker that belonged to my great-grandma are just a couple of examples) “motivational” quotes on the wall, and catch-all dishes that I think are living up to their name 😂 are truly things I love to see every day and make me feel at home when I sit down to get to work. 

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@ivyandgoldphotography #pvtakeover Day 2: Fun fact: I nearly failed my black + white film class in high school. For various reasons, my negatives kept coming back blank, leaving me with nothing to turn in, and therefore, nothing to be graded on. I ended up making up my projects before the class ended, but WOW—I was frustrated. I was sure that film and I just weren’t meant to be. (Note: this was well after digital photography had taken over, so that was actually an option.) Here’s the catch, though. I didn’t have quite enough money saved up yet to buy my own DSLR, and I was desperate for that illusive “bokeh” my point-and-shoot camera just couldn’t give me. I ended up returning to the old 35mm SLR I used for my film class and began to fall in love with the process. I loved the mystery and anticipation of film—how you had to wait to see what your photos looked like. I loved the way it captured light and color, and I loved the way it gave all of my photos a timeless feel. I STILL love all of these things about film, and more! I now know that it has made me a better photographer, as I’m forced to be intentional about each and every shot I take. I’ve had to learn about exposure and light in deeper ways than I ever had to with digital photography, and I’ve been able to create consistency in my work like never before. I truly think that learning to shoot film has been one of the most beneficial things to me as a photographer, and I’ve loved having #PhotoVision to help me along the way! 

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@ivyandgoldphotography #pvtakeover Day 2: When I first began my journey as a photographer, I was 16, and the last of my siblings still at home. Lacking subjects, I turned to self-portraits for practice. Though I don’t find myself in that situation often anymore, sometimes inspiration strikes when we least expect it. Just a couple of weeks ago, I noticed this light coming in through our back door, and I was mesmerized by the shape it reflected on the white wall. Instead of letting it pass, I pulled out my camera, set up my tripod and used the self-timer to create some images. It felt nerve-wracking and a little silly to create what felt like a “glorified selfie,” not even knowing if they’d be in focus or not, but little acts like this can stretch our creative muscles and break down the walls of fear that can stop us from creating our best work.

📷 on #portra800 with a #contax645 in Salem, Oregon.

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