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We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Kyle John + PVTakeover + Day 2

PhotoVision Team

@kylejohnphoto #pvtakeover Day 2: I think we can all agree that some people get a little nervous in front of the camera (myself included!). You know what helps with that? A little champagne! Seriously, I have started a session with popping a bottle of bubbly before! It’s fun and creates movement, and it also helps couples feel more like themselves, like we are all just hanging out. I have also asked clients to whisper things into each other’s ears. I encourage them not to talk about a lot of things the day prior to our shoot, but to save those thoughts to share with one-another during our shoot instead—this helps build comfort in front of the lens. Movement also helps. A LOT. When clients feel stiff, I get them out of position, to run around, to dance, this creates a positive and relaxed energy. I’ll also make mental notes while shooting, of talking points, topics of conversation or questions I wanted to ask the couple, then when I go to change a roll of film I’ll bring up these thoughts to keep the conversation going. It’s these little things that can really help break down that barrier between you and your clients, allowing them to truly be themselves.

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@kylejohnphoto #pvtakeover Day 2: Each genre I shoot in brings something different and unique to the table that helps me grow as a photographer. While photographing a wedding I love capturing the fleeting moments for my couples to look back on and relive. I love the intimate portrait sessions with my couples right after the ceremony, they are on this unbelievable high that always creates the most beautiful images! When it comes to editorials, there is always that moment where you just connect with your subject, that “a-ha moment,” and when you hit that moment the rolls start flying off the shelf. Editorials are all about collaboration. I work with the same people often—we are typically on the same page style-wise and goal-wise, but we also push each other with our different perspectives that come from our own passions. And then you have family sessions that are simply a breath of fresh air! I am a dad, I have a 3 year-old son and a baby girl (just 1 week old)! Needless to say, family sessions have a special place in my heart, they are fun and bring me so much joy! I recently did a family shoot where the son was a little maniac and was SO happy! He was running around everywhere, trying to steal my rolls of film and throwing sand (which was not so much fun) but he was such a chaotic bundle of energy who brought genuine laughter to the shoot—which is exactly what we needed for everyone to just relax!

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@kylejohnphoto #pvtakeover Day 2: I travelled a lot growing up. I always looked at it as an experience to learn. The first time I shot a destination wedding was in Copenhagen, and I was thrilled! It’s a completely different and refreshing experience traveling to a brand new city or country and photographing a wedding. My favorite part about shooting destination weddings, are the cultural differences. It not only inspires and excites me, but constantly challenges and pushes me to do my best work. This is easily one of my favorite elements of capturing a destination wedding.

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@kylejohnphoto #pvtakeover Day 2: Show of hands, who else out there loves to shoot destination weddings but gets nervous travelling with film?! ✋ I know I do! 75% of my weddings this year are destination weddings and although I have yet to come across any issues, the worries of traveling with film is daunting. Here’s some tips for the next time you take film abroad: Always, always, always take your film with you in your carry-on bag and ask that your film be hand-checked. The goal is to avoid having to send your film through an X-ray machine. Never travel with your film stored in your checked bags. They refuse to hand-check your film? Not a worry, take along a lead bag to keep your film safe as it travels through the X-ray machine. 👍

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