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Salem, Oregon 97301

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Kelsea Holder + PV Takeover + Day 1

PhotoVision Team

Hey there! My name is @kelseaholderphoto and I’m a #filmphotographer based in San Luis Obispo, California, AKA #thehappiestplaceonearth. ✨ Honestly, it’s true. I love dreaming big, but living small with my pup, Hila, in a beautiful little town tucked between the California coastline and the Nine Sisters, a beautiful chain of green hills. This photo was taken at a place I love to visit and that means a lot to me—my grandparents house in Santa Ynez. No, they don’t live in that “Shrek-like” house. 😂 But my grandfather did build it, along with 2 full-sized homes completely by himself from literally nothing but a dirt parcel. He’d add a little every day after he would get home from work when my mom was growing up in the ‘70s. And man, he had/still has good taste! They’re minimal, yet have unique and quirky elements, and the landscaping is absolutely beautiful. My grandfather is still working after he gets home and creating/adding onto the main house—landscaping, building water features, etc., even into his 70s. His creativity and unbelievable work ethic inspire me with what I do. This same grandfather is the one who gave me my first camera as a kid, and now I’ve been photographing weddings professionally for years all over the world. Just like my grandfather spent years building his homes, it’s taken me years to build my business. And just like my grandfather, I’m still "adding on" and plan to stay inspired with no end in sight. #Film means so much to me and has been such a pivotal turning point in my career, so I am extremely excited to share more about my journey and experiences with you all! I couldn’t think of a better space to share than the very place that makes my creative dreams come true, @photovisionprints! Thank you guys for having me!! 😘

📷 by @wreesmanreels on #portra400 with a #contax645 in Santa Ynez, California.

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@kelseaholderphoto #pvtakeover Day 1: BUILDING CONFIDENCE. ✨ What better image to start with than one from my *first* all-film photoshoot! This was a personal project I saw through from start to finish. Freshly inspired by this new medium I was working with, I started pouring my heart into this project. From building the confidence to approach beautiful people I saw working in a local retail store to model, to emailing amazing designers like @clairelafaye + @rebeccaschoneveld_bridal, so much satisfaction has come from gathering all the details I had in my mind into a tangible form. Seeing this project come to life, and seeing the film come out EXACTLY as I wanted was a huge confidence boost when I still felt in a transitional stage of my career. It was a solid pat on the back, like, “OK, Kels, you got this!”

📷 on #fuji400h with a #contax645 in Big Sur, California.

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@kelseaholderphoto #pvtakeover Day 1: COMPLACENCY. Are artists ever able to stay complacent? I remember reaching a point in my digital career where I (briefly) thought I felt complacent. Like, I had it relatively figured out. I had a style, a workflow, a process. It all was a progression I was proud of. But at the time, I felt . . . stuck. I felt uninspired. I felt like my work was missing something. I was yearning for something more. More growth. There was still this aesthetic I so desperately *wanted* to achieve, that I just couldn’t! What was missing? Why didn’t my images look closer to the artists I admired most? F I L M! 🎞 #Film was the key. But when you are trained primarily with digital equipment, switching to film can be intimidating. There isn’t much easily accessible information out there about working with film at weddings, and with little hands-on experience in this medium in the wedding world, it’s hard to know where to start. I dove in head first, joined a bunch of film groups and bought a #Contax! My film adventure began. I believe as artists and creatives, we are always searching. We are always looking to improve our craft and define our style. Switching to film completely transformed my creative process and, in a way, I felt like a whole new photographer. Film was a fresh new adventure to challenge everything I thought I knew about photography. 

📷 on #fuji400h with a #contax645 in Big Sur, California.

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@kelseaholderphoto #pvtakeover Day 1: NEW RHYTHM. 💃🏻 One major way my mind shifted shooting film vs. digital, was setting up and timing my shots. With a digital camera and 10 million GB of space 😉, it’s easy to overshoot! Welp, with 16 frames to a roll, and a slightly slower machine, it forces you to slow down and think about each and every frame. I absolutely loved this new rhythm. Every image I took, I was proud of. And when I got my film back, I felt so much more satisfaction with my overall gallery. For this image, when I first saw Lena’s dress, I knew I wanted to capture the beautiful layers of fabric. I asked her to throw it behind her 1 or 2 times, to have her hand occupied (as arms and hands can quickly turn awkward). Instead of taking a million frames of this one moment, I focused on my new rhythm whilst shooting. I was so excited when my scans came in. I had captured that perfect moment, and it turned out to be a fluid, beautiful shot. ✨

📷 on #fuji400h with a #contax645 in San Luis Obispo, California.

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@kelseaholderphoto #pvtakeover Day 1: STORY. 📖 I’m one who tends to want to tell the whole story in one photo! I want everyone to see everything in all its glory! I want that one WOW image. And of course, those shots are amazing. But as photographers, we are storytellers. And there is always more to a story than an impressive WOW moment, right? There is depth, there are details and there are many small (but important!) stories that can go untold when you try to wrap up the story in one WOW image. That is why I find beauty in the details. In the simple moments that can clearly tell one part of the story and, when put together, create one cohesive feeling that tells a story better than any single image ever could.

📷 on #fuji400h with a #contax645 at the Paramour Estate in Los Angeles, California.

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