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We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Sarah Carpenter + PV Takeover + Day 3

PhotoVision Team

@sarahcarpenterphotography #pvtakeover Day 3 // Transitions // I try to incorporate my dance background into everything I shoot. I don’t mean this in a literal sense. I’m not having my couples twirl around or wear pointe shoes. 😂 But when I was a dancer, one thing we were constantly reminded of was Don’t Stop Performing In Between Steps. What does this mean? Well, instead of choosing to create an image out of a leap and a turn, the image has to continue, the performance has to continue through the in-between steps. In photography, those transitional moments mean just as much. If I give a pose, I keep my camera up until the subject stops and look at me for more instruction. Most of the time, I hope they don’t even have to do this, that I’ve set a scene for them and they can feel comfortable enough with me that they keep focused on each other. When I keep my camera up, I end up catching the small moments that would otherwise get lost—like the small laughs that happen when a father cracks a silly joke to his daughter. And these are some of my favorite pictures.

📷 on #fuji400h with a #contax645 at the @semiahmooresort in Blaine, Washington.

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@sarahcarpenterphotography #pvtakeover Day 3 // Surroundings // When I studied dance composition and dance production, the hardest thing I had to learn was to make things cohesive, not just within the piece itself, but also with the backdrop, lighting and music. If these things didn’t make sense or have intention, we weren’t allowed to keep them as part of our production. To this day, these concepts of creativity and cohesion stick with me whenever I create. If the backdrop doesn’t make sense, if there are objects that blatantly stick out and shouldn’t, if the outfits don’t match the surroundings, I try my best to change them so that everything works together to make the story come to life.  

📷 on #fuji400h with a #contax645 at St Abb’s Head National Nature Reserve in Scotland. As seen on @weddingsparrow.

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@sarahcarpenterphotography #pvtakeover Day 3 // Negative Space // Sometimes negative space tells more of the story than the subject. This is another thing I learned from my background in dance and music. It’s the pauses, the breaths, the empty moments that can give you a sense of mood and emotion. These magical, powerful pauses, whether in music or dance, make my heart beat outside my chest—leaving me gasping, crying or reflecting for the rest of the night.

📷 on #portra800 with a #contax645 at @metropolist_ in Seattle, Washington. Coming soon to @magnoliarouge.

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@sarahcarpenterphotography #pvtakeover Day 3// Travel // First of all, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for following along with my journey! It means the world to me. 💕 For my last post, I wanted to talk a little about #travelphotography. The first books I ever read when I started photography were a series by @scottkelby. I don’t remember much of what I read to be honest. It’s been a while, and quite a lot of the information is for digital photographers, but one thing I do remember and that has always stuck with me is how Kelby talked about travel and landscape photography. He mentioned that, in order to stand out, a photographer needs to stop trying to shoot the popular view or scene or scape. He encouraged shooting unique angles and scenes. It’s so easy to want to have the perfect image of the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben, but the images I always love the most are the smaller details or the funky angles I get while wandering the quieter streets—the details that tell the story of a place and its people.

📷 on #fuji400h with a #contax645 at #ColumbiaUniversity in New York.

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