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3775 Market Stree NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

(503) 588-3686

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


Ally Willix + Contax645 + Portra800

PhotoVision Team

Beautiful bridesmaids and symmetry brought to you by the wonderful @allywillix in Duke Chapel, North Carolina! "When we were scouting this location I knew I wanted to pose the bridesmaids with these beautiful archways because the lines frame the image so well. Not to mention this archway is so gorgeous and looks like we're in Europe instead of North Carolina! . . . We love the way the bride and bridesmaids pop in this image and one of the reasons they do is because we placed them in front of a slightly darker background. Film handles all kinds of light so well, and we love to create a bold, dramatic image by having contrast of dark and light." — Ally Willix of Ally and bobby Photography

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