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3775 Market Stree NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

(503) 588-3686

We're a small-town, family owned and operated photo lab that never gave up on film. Today we provide top-notch film processing, scanning, and printing services from film and digital with the best customer service in the industry.


David Dufeal + Contax645 + Portra400

PhotoVision Team

She did not look behind, as that was not where she was going. 🌠 Mesmerizing portrait by @david_dufeal.

📷 on #portra400 with a #contax645 at the Abbaye de Fontdouce in Saint-Bris-des-Bois, France.

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Amanda K + PV Takeover + Day 3

PhotoVision Team

@amandakphotoart #pvtakeover Day 3: H U M I L I T Y.  If you only receive one bit of advice from me during this #pvtakeover, let it be this: If we don't receive critique on our work, or from our clients’ experiences, we will not GROW. As photographers, we are so fortunate to have social media platforms to get our work seen and, let's be honest, we LOVE that positive feedback!! But if all we ever hear is applause, then we aren't going to push ourselves to greater levels! If you haven't already, I encourage you to join a photography (film or otherwise) group through Facebook, etc. Some of these threads can be invaluable to your growth as a photographer! It's such a great way to share in your triumphs and struggles. In regards to your business, I can't express enough the importance of asking for feedback from your clients! Asking them how you could have improved their experience or if there were areas of their day that they wish you had focused more of your time on. These  conversations really make all the difference in personal and professional growth. If anyone would like to be invited into a photography group, or has one they would like to share, please comment below!! Also, if you have ANY specific questions for me regarding the business, gear, technique, ANYTHING, please ask away! I am an open book. 😊

📷 on #fuji400h with a #pentax645nii in Berkeley California. As seen in @magnoliarouge issue

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@amandakphotoart #pvtakeover Day 3: L O V E.  I am in the business of love. How great is that?! I wholeheartedly adore my job, and am committed to being a light and encouragement to not only my clients, but other creatives in this industry. There is nothing more exciting to me than to receive those emails from couples inquiring about their big day! Connecting with them on a deeper level and learning about their love story is integral to the direction I take with their wedding day and engagement portraits. While giving direction is important, I never want to force anything, but allow the moments to present themselves to me naturally and truthfully. When you have a couple who is over the moon in love in front of your lens, that is all the inspiration you need. Love is the theme I want to be present in all of my work.

📷 on #fuji400h with a #pentax645nii at client's family farm in Crescent City, California.

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@amandakphotoart #pvtakeover Day 3: S I M P L I C I T Y. I am a “less is more” kind of girl. I believe in quality over quantity, and that is how I like to approach my weddings and portraits. Whether I am shooting film or digital, I try to shoot with intent. I want each frame to be a keeper!! (That doesn’t always happen BTW.) This also saves me from hours of culling! In the beginning of my career, I would arrive to a wedding with a long list of my "must have" shots, 4 cameras, 6+ lenses and so on. I have since learned to completely simplify, and that was a game changer! One of my favorite things about shooting with my Pentax645Nii, is the simplicity of it. All I have on me during engagements and the couple's wedding day portraits, is my Sekonic handheld meter, and my film camera with one lens. This allows me to really be in the zone without being distracted by all the gear hanging off of me like a pack mule! I am also very nature inspired—I love to use the natural beauty of the environment to frame my subjects. A clean, simple background is EVERYTHING. A great example of this was a recent HMUA editorial I shot for @austieeckley. I brought one film camera, had my digital for a backup (always be prepared!), two lenses, and film. We went into this shoot with some ideas and inspiration, but ultimately we wanted a very minimal aesthetic so that the make-up was the star. Tiffany of @foragedfloral brought all these incredible blooms as inspiration, and I had her sprinkle Courtney’s curly locks with these little blossoms. They added softness and femininity to the image without distracting from the subject. Simplicity at it’s finest. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! 
📷 on #fuji400h with a #pentax645nii at @studio_1904 in Portland, Oregon.
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@amandakphotoart #pvtakeover Day 3: G R A T I T U D E. I wanted to finish out my #pvtakeover with the virtue I hold dearest to my heart. I believe making it a habit to express thankfulness is always the best way to cultivate great relationships and gain opportunities. None of us have made it to where we are in life and in business without the help of someone along the way. I highly encourage you to take the time everyday to thank someone who has helped you in your photography journey, especially if they don't even realize they have encouraged you! Make sure your clients know how grateful you are that they chose YOU to photograph their life and love! You could even have a thank you card waiting for the UPS guy who is at your house every week with a box of film! Small gestures of gratitude go a LONG way. 🙂  Lastly, I am incredibly thankful to @photovisionprints for having me this week! Thank you for giving me the "stage," so to speak, to share a bit of my journey and my work with your amazing friends. And to all who have been following along, thank you from the bottom of my heart. XO 😘  

If you are interested in continuing to follow along on my journey head on over to @amandakphotoart! AND to express my gratitude I am hosting an exciting #giveaway! Check out my latest post to learn how to enter!

📷 on #fuji400h with a #pentax645nii at #sanysidroranch in Santa Barbara, California. As seen on @inspiredbythis and nominated for @bellelumieremagazine 2016 image of the year.

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Amanda K + PV Takeover + Day 2

PhotoVision Team


@amandakphotoart #pvtakeover Day 2: P A T I E N C E. Guys, we all know we live in a society of instant gratification. The most difficult part of transitioning back to film was shooting "blind" and not being able to rely on that little screen on the back of my camera. Who can relate?! 🙋 However, the hidden lesson and blessing in shooting film is not only practicing patience, but also sharing that experience with your clients. With that patience, also comes trust. Trusting yourself when shooting, trusting your lab and ultimately building your clients’ trust in you—it's a beautiful thing! It's a wonderful opportunity to share in the anticipation of scans with your clients and celebrate together when those beautiful images arrive in your inbox.

 📷 on #fuji400h with a #hasselbladh1 at #sunstonewinery in Santa Ynez, California.

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@amandakphotoart #pvtakeover Day 2: P E R S E V E R A N C E. Growing up around a camera, I was familiar with film and loved the process. I shot on film until the late ‘90s when the digital and Photoshop craze happened! I learned everything I could about editing and shooting with all those complicated buttons. When I look back at some of those over-processed photos now, I literally cringe. 🤢 I am so thrilled to see the complete comeback that film has made! However, it has been yet another learning curve for me. As many photographers have mentioned, the best way to learn is to start incorporating film into your workflow slowly. I made a goal to shoot 3 rolls of film at every wedding.  From there, I started shooting only film at my engagement sessions! I found this was the best way to build my confidence! I can be a bit stubborn, (and shy),  and am not the best at asking questions, so I have failed, many times! Ultimately, it's about persevering,  practice, and always educating yourself! Lastly, I can't stress enough how important it is to take advantage of @PhotoVisionprints’s EXCELLENT customer service. They want you to succeed as much as you do!

📷 on #Portra800 with a #pentax645nii in Franklin, Tennessee. As seen in @southernweddings Magazine.

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@amandakphotoart #pvtakeover Day 2: H O N E S T Y.  Ok, I have an earth-shaking revelation for you. I don't personally "love" styled shoots. Who else is with me?? Now, I absolutely adore working with other creatives and I agree it's vital to my growth as an artist to create personal work. It can be very refreshing and soul inspiring, It’s also a great way to network with other like minded creatives in the industry! However, in my humble opinion, if my goal is to attract more wedding clients, then I feel it's incredibly important to show my viewers, (and hopefully potential clients!), more content from real weddings. Being honest in what I share helps my clients have realistic expectations of what I can deliver! We all know that working a real-life wedding with tight timelines and sometimes crazy weather is a true test of our creative skills!  I have also made it my mission when mentoring,  to only ask real couples to model when teaching 1:1s.  It’s so important that my attendee’s  see how I work with, pose and draw out honest emotions from true couples. I LOVE sharing time with other photographers at these sessions and I always encourage them to focus less on those styled shoots and getting published and more on their craft and their client! 👊

📷 on #fuji400h with a #pentax645nii in Ashland, Oregon From a 1:1 with @annabelmayphotoart.

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Amanda K + PV Takeover + Day 1

PhotoVision Team

Hello, Hello! Oh my goodness, you guys!! @amandakphotoart here, and I am just over-the-moon grateful to have been invited to share a little bit of my journey with you this week! THANK you @photovisionprints for inviting me on for the next few days. 🙌 I will admit I am a bit nervous, as I don’t want to be superficial in my content, but to really give you a glimpse into who I am. "Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen." — Brené Brown

My unexpected journey to becoming an entrepreneur and wedding photographer started 16 years ago when I lost the love of my life in a tragic accident. I was 28 years old with 3 young children, and as you can imagine, my entire world was turned upside down. Through the process of preparing for his memorial service, I had to go through two huge boxes of photos I had printed throughout our marriage of him and our children together. Those prints became the only tangible memories my children would ever have of their Dad, and the photograph took on an entirely new meaning for me. The camera became a tool of healing for me—it was like oxygen when I felt I couldn't breathe. All I wanted to do was capture and celebrate LIFE. I never considered myself "artistic" or even talented in any way, I was in the nursing field, but it's amazing how things can change when you love something that much. Long story short, photography evolved into something special, and something I never could have imagined. Photographing couples in love is my beauty from ashes. I am now celebrating my 10th year in business, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be doing what I do. It has not been an easy road by any means, but I can honestly say I know this is where I am meant to be. 😊

📷 by @betsyblue on #fuji400h with a #contax645 in Portland, Oregon.

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@amandakphotoart #pvtakeover Day 1: V I R T U E S. I strive to use "Virtue" as a model in my business practice. The virtues I am going to share with you in the next few days are the driving force in how I shoot, interact with my clients and run my business. I fail on the daily—believe me. In my 10+ years as an entrepreneur, I have learned that failure and rejection have been my biggest motivators! My hope during our time together is that you will find me and my words relatable, that you will leave feeling encouraged and inspired. I am so grateful to be a part of this photography community! 😘📷

📷 on #fuji400h with a #pentax645nii at #thecorsonbuilding in Seattle, Washington. As seen on @magnoliarouge.

#amandasvision#photovisionprints #profilmlab #sp3000 #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #fineartfilm #ishootfilm #filmwins #fineartfilm #grainisgood  #filmprocessing @fujifilm_profilm @countrybouquetsfloral @judytallant


@amandakphotoart #pvtakeover Day 1: J O Y F U L N E S S.  There is no greater honor for me, as a photographer, than to be invited into a couple's "circle of trust." To be surrounded by their dearest friends and closest family, to be entrusted with documenting the true essence of those relationships is HUGE. A wedding is one of the biggest events a couple will experience and plan together, and the joy I bring to the table is vital to the overall experience they have with me. I want my clients to feel my excitement and positive energy! Brides can be incredibly nervous, I use my mom skills at times to help calm them. 😉 Believe me, there are days when I have to dig down deep for that great attitude and energy, but your client experience is EVERYTHING.

📷 on #fuji400h with a #pentax645nii at #ranchosoldelpacifico in Malibu, California.

#amandasvision#photovisionprints #profilmlab #sp3000 #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #fineartfilm #filmfeed #filmgrain #filmisalive #filmisnotdead @fujifilm_profilm  @shawnakay33


@amandakphotoart #pvtakeover Day 1: A U T H E N T I C I T Y. When I first started photographing couples, portraits and weddings, I would rely heavily on inspiration from fashion magazines—Ralph Lauren spreads in @vogue! 😍🔥 I studied how they were "perfectly" posed, and while it absolutely helped me gain some skills, I noticed my work was lacking something . . . authentic and honest emotion. Sure, there were a lot of beautiful, regal images, but was my work evoking a FEELING in my viewers/clients? Were my clients recognizing themselves? That next season, I completely changed my approach. I stopped looking for inspiration in other photography, and started capturing what I saw in front of me, and not what I had seen in magazines. It's easy to get caught up in the validation of likes and followers on social media, but we have to remember, we are shooting for our clients, not a publication or applause. It's so important to connect with your subject!  

📷 on #Portra400 with a #hasselbladh1 in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

#amandasvision#photovisionprints #profilmlab #filmprocessing #sp3000 #kodakfilm #filmphotographic #filmcommunity #filmshooters #believeinfilm @kodakprofessional @sheThrivesBlog

Forage And Film + Canon EOS 1V + Fuji400H

PhotoVision Team

Lovely composition by @forageandfilm proving that it isn't always about the gear you shoot with! "For this shoot I wanted to push myself in terms of my gear! I get so sucked into my medium format camera that I forget that there are other options out there! So I did this entire shoot on My #canoneos1v  and let me just say, I fell in love with that little work horse all over again! It was a great reminder that the camera doesn't make the photographer, and gear is never an excuse as to why you can or can't do something!" — Nicole Moering of Forage and Film

📷 on #fuji400h with a #canoneos1v in #joshuatree, California.

#photovisionprints #profilmlab #sp3000 #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm #filmwins #fineartfilm #grainisgood @carolineannmarie @fujifilm_profilm

Steven Branstetter + LeicaM6 + IlfordFP4

PhotoVision Team

😎 To all the #cool men in our lives, today we honor you! Happy Father's Day! 🖤 Love, Your PhotoVision Team! 

📷 by @stevenbphoto on #ilfordfp4 with a #leicam6 in Napa, California. "This was a special session as I photographed Ashley + Johnny’s engagement photos at the same venue." — Steven Branstetter Photography

#photovisionprints #profilmlab #sp3000 #bnw #blackandwhite #ilfordfilm #ilfordphoto #analog #analoglove #analogphotography #filmcommunity #shotonfilm @ilfordphoto

Melissa Jill + Contax645 + Fuji400

PhotoVision Team

True love, pure bliss and the dreamiest of lighting brought to you by @melissajill! 💕"The windows allowed so much natural light into this alcove, and the creamy, warm walls were a perfect, soft reflector. The combination made the light so dreamy!" — Melissa Jill 

📷 on #fuji400h with a #contax645 at The Country Club at DC Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Dave Poyzer + Mamiya7ii + Ektar100

PhotoVision Team

How gorgeous is Ektar for landscapes?! 👌 Photo by @canoe_there. "This photo was taken on the way back to Anchorage from Nome while flying over the Alaska Range. I have been fortunate to photograph and film the Iditarod sled dog race the last 2 years with my good friend @ianplanchon and the @ktva_alaska crew. It as been an amazing experience following the mushers from village to village across Alaska while battling wind, snow and ice through temperatures ranging from 40*F to -40*F." — Dave Poyzer of Canoe There

📷 on #ektar100 with a #mamiya7ii in the Alaska Range.

#photovisionprints #profilmlab #sp3000 #ektar #kodakfilm @kodakprofessional @turner.pahl @alpineairalaska

PV Giveaway + Fuji400H!

PhotoVision Team

*GIVEAWAY* Running low on #Fuji400H? We gotcha covered! 😎 We're giving away *FOUR* Pro Packs this week! 🎞 To enter, head on over to @photovisionprints for all the details! Contest ends 11:59 pm PST Thursday, June 15. 

📷 by @jeremiahandrachel on #fuji400h with a #pentax67 at @theresortatpawsup in Montana. As seen in @rockymtnbride Volume 2.

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Callie Manion + PV Takeover + Day 3

PhotoVision Team

Find Inspiration

@calliemanionphotography #pvtakeover Day 3: Have you ever walked into a wedding and thought, “Nope. I don’t like any of this. Never going on my website” or something similar? I challenge you to find ONE THING that inspires you at every wedding, portrait session, editorial, etc. Some may argue that this is a job, and sometimes we shoot things we personally don’t love and that’s okay—but I’m going to disagree. Yes, it’s a job, and sometimes we take weddings that we wouldn’t necessarily plan ourselves, right? But why does that have to mean we’ll never advertise it or won’t feel inspired? We are artists! We can find inspiration anywhere! I challenge you to go find the one flower, the one drapery, the one shadow that plays across your clients face, or whatever it is, and take inspiration from it. Then use that to re-energize yourself and make magic!

📷 on #fuji400h with a #mamiya645af at Bob Jones Nature Center in Southlake, Texas.

#calliesvision #photovisionprints #profilmlab #sp3000 #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm @fujifilm_profilm @qthemua @kariissalee @jayboggess @bjncp


@calliemanionphotography #pvtakeover Day 3: If I can give one tip to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the business of wedding photography, it is to establish a reliable workflow! And AUTOMATE it! I had this on my to-do list for months before I finally just sat down one day and found myself doing it. It took an entire day to set up my email templates into automated emails and set up a workflow system that would link to clients and automatically email, send questionnaires, contracts, etc., but it makes a world of difference! Are you relying on yourself, calendars and a to-do list made on sticky notes? I was there, too. And I’m telling you—let a system do the work for you! Go and invest in one, there’s several to choose from (@17hatshq, @tavestudiomanager, @honeybook, etc.) Find one that works for you and use it!

📷 on #fuji400h with a #mamiya645af at #bethesdafountain in Central Park, NYC.

#calliesvision #photovisionprints #profilmlab #sp3000 #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm @fujifilm_profilm @annacampbellbridal @melodyle @ecomakeupartist 


@calliemanionphotography #pvtakeover Day 3: Are you used to shooting sun flare on digital to get that magical effect? Experiment with it on film, and you’ll quickly learn that too much light will create muddy images, but just enough light can wrap around your subjects and make them pop! It really takes experimenting in order to learn how to manipulate light and find the method that works best for you. Once you have done that, don’t stop. Experiment with your depth of field next. Just because you hear of someone shooting at f/2 constantly doesn’t mean every shot has to be wide open. Experiment with different apertures. Maybe you prefer shooting at f/4. Maybe not. But you’ll never know unless you experiment! 

📷 on #fuji400h with a #mamiya645af at @littlechapelinthewoods in Denton, Texas.

#calliesvision #photovisionprints #profilmlab #sp3000 #txwomans #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm @fujifilm_profilm @gritandgoldweddings @madewithlovebridal @aandbe_bridalshop @shapirodiamonds @___rook @callidus_agency

Thank You

@calliemanionphotography #pvtakeover Day 3: Thanks everyone for following along on my takeover and a HUGE thank you to the best lab out there, PhotoVision! I have so much more to say (because, if I’m being honest, I’m always long-winded) so if you want to hear more of my ramblings and learn more about my experience/advice, please contact me! I offer mentoring and truly love teaching other creatives and helping them find their place in this industry. When I first started my film journey, I had amazing mentors and felt so supported by my lab (the awesome PhotoVision Team!) so I know the benefits of learning both on your own through trial-and-error and also through mentorships. You have a lot to offer, and I want to help you find your place! You can contact me through my website or email me directly! xo, Callie.

📷 on #fuji400h with a #mamiya645af at the @trinityinstitute in Tehuacana, Texas. 

#calliesvision #photovisionprints #profilmlab #sp3000 #thetrinityinstitute #ishootfujifilm #fujifilm @fujifilm_profilm @mossfloral @bhldn @qthemua @shapirodiamonds @kelseyradican @callidus_agency